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10 Foods That Help You Get The Perfect Tan Faster

Foods That Help You Get The Perfect Tan Faster

Style and fashion has changed their colour now-a-days. Looking fair is out of fashion. People love being dusky. So people follow various ways to get that perfect tan. They go in sun or use tan beds. But it would be amazing to know that there are foods which can give you a perfect tan. Yes we can have numerous foods on this category. Let us discuss few of them.

Here Are The 10 Foods That Help You Get The Perfect Tan Faster:


Mango is a delicious fruit. In summer the availability become plenty. Have those mouth watering mangoes in good numbers. It contains vitamin A. Vitamin A helps the skin to be tanned. So eat lot of mangoes and see the change of colour in your skin to dusky.



This is a very good vegetable. It contains a lot of beta-carotene which helps in getting natural tan. Eat lot of pumpkin and see your skin tanned perfectly and give it a healthy tan. You can make various delicious dishes out of this vegetable. Enough the taste and get the perfect tan.

Use Of Pumpkin


You might have already heard about the benefits of eating carrots. But it also knows as good food to increase skin gesture. It contains a tanning product called alpha-carotene which promotes the coloration of skin. Eating raw carrots has last of beneficial factors for skin. You can eat carrot in salad with added lemon which gives you awesome taste as well as good skin benefits. Organic carrot has even got more benefits.



Egg is the most sought after food among different breakfast combos, but no doubt eggs are good for health if taken in moderate amount. One of the most beneficial effects of egg is it contains good amount of Vitamin a which is responsible for good skin tanned skin. Special the yellow yoke part of it contains the vitamins in high concentrations. This also has the ability to regenerate skin tissue and the effect is impressive. So break few eggs and add it to your daily diet to get tanned perfect skin.

Eggs (3)


All though water does not contain vitamin A, but is the most essential for skin. Everyone knows our body contains 70 percentage of water in it. Any hydrated body glows more. So during summer it is advisable to drink water in every 20 minutes. It keeps your body hydrated and reduces dryness from skin. So whenever you are out in sun to get that glowing tanned skin make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

Drinking Water


It is very good source of protein. This also contains very high level of selenium in it. Selenium helps in better tanning of the skin and also it slows the overall aging by reducing the free radicals of our body. White cheese does the above exceptionally well. Taking a good amount of cheese in breakfast can give you a super tanned skin.



We all know that spinach is good for our heart but it also promotes tan skin. This is packed with antioxidant and beta carotene which helps the skin to look golden brown. So have full stomach of spinach salad before going to sun to get that glow tan in your skin.

Spinach (2)


It is another super food for promoting skin tan. It contains lycopene compound. These compounds normally stay under the skin mostly in fat cells. It is gives a superb golden brown glowing tan texture to your skin. So have plenty of tomatoes salads to get a health beautiful skin. Even you can have raw tomato juice when enjoy the sun in beach.



This is a great food which contributes to a tanned skin. Apricots are very rich in carotenoid which gives your skin a natural glow with a yellowish brown shade. It can transfer colours to your skin to get a perfect tan to your skin. It also has super antioxidant power which also helps in slowing aging of skin.


Peaches And Plums

These fruits are high in Vitamin A and carotenoids which normally transfer the colours to the fat under the skin. These also contain radical killing antioxidants which can avoid wrinkles and damage due to UV rays in sunlight. These fruit has a good effect when regularly consumed over 2 months. Though the effect does not reflect so fast but in a long run it gives natural glowing tan texture to your skin. You can have plenty of these fruits in your meal and see your skin changes the colour and becoming healthy and tan. Going to beach with a super fruit bowl breakfast can be very healthy. In fact it also cuts unwanted flags from your odd which gives a boost to the skin glow again.

Peaches And Plums

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