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5 Foods To Eat Before Workout

Foods To Eat Before Workout

We all work out to keep ourselves fit. There is a myth that if we skip our snack and workout then it will be more effective. However on the contrary it is important to have some food as your body requires energy during workout. Eating the right proportion of food before any exercise helps. Below are some snacks which you should munch on before the workout.

Here Are The Foods To Eat Before Workout:


Eggs are rich source of protein and provide lot of energy to the body. Boil 1-2 eggs in a container. Season it with salt and black pepper and consume it. You can also take 2 slices of brown bread and eat it along with the eggs. It is an excellent snack before work out. Also you can prepare half boiled egg and consume. Consume it 1 hour prior to your workout session.

Eggs (3)

Brown Bread

Brown bread has high content of carbohydrates and can be in any form. You can munch on a sandwich before workout. Also you can add peanut butter on whole grain bread in case of intense physical exercise. You can also eat it with boiled eggs which fulfil the protein requirement in your body. Consume it half an hour before workout.

Brown Bread


Smoothies can be an excellent pre-workout drink. Take any fruit of your choice. Blend it in a mixer by adding sufficient quantity of milk to it. Top it up with few drops of honey. It can be easily digested and releases energy steadily while you workout. It is tasty as well as healthy. Avoid using sugar in the smoothies. Consume it 30 minutes prior to workout.

Green Smoothies

Dry Fruits And Nuts

Dry fruits and nuts are packed with energy. Almonds are really good for health. It keeps you light as well as provides the required energy. Eat mouthful of dry fruits and nuts which help to maintain energy in the body thereby preventing fatigue during workout. Always eat little quantity of dry fruits as it takes time to digest. Eat it half an hour prior to workout.



You can prepare oats payasam by adding milk to it. Do not use sugar, top it off with honey. Consume it at least 1 hour before the workout session.


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