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  Fit body lasts for longer time, there are many parts in the body and each body part requires proper maintenance through the exercise and proper diet, biceps are the part of the hand, it is the muscle, It is the upper muscle between the shoulder and the elbow, there are different types of the exercise that […]

When there is an inflammation in the genitourinary tract of women, leading to a thick smelly white colored discharge, it is known as bacterial vaginitis. There is a ph imbalance in the vaginal region which causes itching, redness, swelling and pain in that area. Simple home remedies can be of help and go a long […]

Heartburn is a common problem in pregnant women. The hormone progesterone that helps in supporting healthy pregnancy is also responsible for relaxing the stomach valve, which pushes up the stomach acid into the esophagus, leading to heartburn. Moreover, the growing uterus exerts pressure on the stomach, which worsens heartburn especially in late pregnancy. However, heartburn […]

Motherhood is the greatest feeling in the world but comes with its share of sleepless nights and tired days. The responsibilities of the little one leave the body completely drained out. At this time we need to take care of our bodies well, else it will be difficult to meet the demands of motherhood. New moms […]

Menopause does several things to a woman’s body and vaginal dryness is one common and sign. Vaginal dryness is a common condition among several women who reach menopause. This is an extremely uncomfortable condition and occurs when the estrogen levels are reduced. This condition causes intense itching and pain as well. This condition is mostly […]

Yoga asanas are very necessary to gain huge types of benefits for the human body. It is very necessary to take care of the respective asanas that can be done at specific period of time. The asanas that are practiced by youngsters can vary from that of old people. Pregnant ladies should take care of […]

Menopause is a natural kind of activity that takes place in women and is due to various types of changes in the body. Women mainly suffer from this kind of symptom due to their increase in age. This indicates the women reaching her last of her reproductive age. There are lots of problems or otherwise […]

Delivering your newborn not only brings happiness and spirit of motherhood but also responsibility to feed and take care of yourself and your baby. Your pregnancy and delivery may be associated with certain concerns but you need to take appropriate care of yourself to look after your newborn properly. Most new mothers tend to become […]

Many times during pregnancy women suffer from many types of problems that include nausea, body pain, fungal infections, edema etc. Sometime they take various medicines to counteract these effects which may have some side effects but let us tell you that there are herbal ways too which do not have any side effects and can […]

Though pregnancy gives a divine feeling and utmost happiness to every woman but there are few things related to pregnancy, that gives all women nightmares too and one of the most crucial ones among them is the tummy fat. Intake of high protein, fat, carbohydrate enriched foods during pregnancy as recommended by the physician, lack of […]