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10 Wholesome Foods For New Moms

Wholesome Foods For New Moms

Motherhood is the greatest feeling in the world but comes with its share of sleepless nights and tired days. The responsibilities of the little one leave the body completely drained out. At this time we need to take care of our bodies well, else it will be difficult to meet the demands of motherhood. New moms need good nutrition as they are feeding and also running around doing the babies works.

Here Are Some Healthy Foods That Help In Providing Nutrition To New Mothers-

Leafy Greens

A great source of vitamins and nutrients, the best part is that they are low in calories and also keep the energy levels high. Go in for sauteed or steamed leafy veggies like spinach, kale, broccoli and more. They provide the body with calcium, iron and vitamin A that is essential for feeding moms and also contain heart-healthy antioxidants to keep the body healthy.

Dark Green-Leafy Vegetables

Whole Grains

If you have had a sleepless night which has left your body drained out of energy, a bowl full of porridge is recommended for breakfast. Whole grains like cereals provide the body with nutrition and energy both and hence are a complete food for new mothers.

Whole grains


Yes, these vitamin C rich fruits are great for the immune system of the body. They protect the weak body of moms from diseases and in turn, safeguard the baby too. Fresh juice of oranges can also be drunk, but they would not contain the fiber provided by the fruit.



This fish is extremely healthy and contains a low level of mercury as compared to other fishes. It contains omega 3 fats and DHA that is great for the brain health. It helps in regulating mood swings and post delivery depression in new mothers and keep the moods elevated.And it also helps in the development of the brain health of the baby.


Brown Rice

Our body need complex carbs especially when the women are breast-feeding and their body is recovering from childbirth traumas. Brown rice has low glycemic index and is a good energy source. Mothers need more calories while feeding which can be supplied by complex carbohydrate rich foods like brown rice which do not increase the waistline also.

Brown Rice


Also known as pulses, these are rich in protein and required by the body for growth and development. Beans, lentils, alfalfa, are all legumes and the dark colored beans like kidney beans are especially high in nutrition and should be regularly eaten by nursing mothers.



This is a wonder food that contains large amounts of vitamin D which is essential for the growth and upkeep of the bones. They are also good sources of protein and fats that help in repairing the body and also help in the brain development of the baby.

Eggs (3)

Lean Meat

Though too much of it can lead to weight gain, but lean meat should be incorporated into a new mom’s diet. Lean meats like lean beef have great amounts of iron that are required by the body for energy. Iron helps in the better production of milk and helps the mom in performing all chores without getting fatigued and tired.

Lean Meat

Low-fat Dairy Products

Whether it is yogurt, cheese or milk, we all need dairy foods to get vitamins namely vitamin B and D. They are great sources of calcium which a mother requires for herself and her baby’s bone development. Take low fat products so that they do not pile on the body to add more body weight.

Dairy products


This is necessary for avoiding dehydration, getting energy and stimulating more milk production. Drink water, fresh juices, and milk for sustenance and replenishment of the body. Also, limit the intake of caffeine as it leads to dehydration.

Drinking Water

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