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Top 15 Foods To Prevent Gray Hair

Foods To Prevent Gray Hair

Who wants to see silver strands in their head at a tender age? But premature graying of hair is rampant in the youth today. Several factors like environmental factors which include pollution, psychological factors which involves stress, anxiety and emotional upheavals, poor diet etc all contribute to this growing hair problem. Coloring hair with artificial chemical laden hair colors is very popular in order to hide gray. But there are actually some foods that can help prevent gray hair.

Mentioned Below Is A List Of Some Such Foods Which Actually Prevent Graying Of Hair:

1. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables contain folic acid which helps in preventing graying of hair. So consume large amounts of green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, fenugreek leaves etc.These can be had as a salad or as a soup or stir fry and have them as a veggie.

Dark Green-Leafy Vegetables

2. Blueberries

Blueberries contain vitamin B 12, copper; iodine and zinc. Basically the deficiency of these compounds results in premature graying of hair. So eat a handful of blueberries daily to prevent the premature graying of hair.


3. Prawns

These contain omega3 fatty acids and zinc which help nourish the hair and help maintain the hair color. So indulge in the heavenly taste of yummy prawns and ensure that the color of your hair remains jet black.


4. Mushrooms

Mushrooms, especially Reishi mushrooms contain a number of compounds which help in maintaining the natural color of hair. So increase the intake of mushrooms in your diet.

Cremini Mushrooms

5. Chocolates

Now here is a delicious treat for your taste buds to prevent premature graying of hair. Chocolate contains copper which helps in the melanin production in hair .This melanin imparts hair its black colour. So bite into that bar of chocolate and maintain the color of your hair.


6. Strawberries

Strawberries contain vitamin C and compounds which prevent the premature graying of hair and also help in keeping hair healthy. So treat yourself to some strawberries everyday and prevent the graying of your hair.


7. Curry Leaves

Curry leaves help maintain the color of hair and also help in making the hair stronger. Increase the intake of curry leaves by adding it to various dishes. You can also boil coconut oil and curry leaves and apply this mixture to the hair on a daily basis.

Curry Leaves

8. Salmon

Salmon fish is a rich source of selenium. Selenium is said to play an important role in maintaining the color of your hair. So eat salmon as often as possible in order to prevent premature graying of hair.


9. Nuts

Nuts like walnuts and almonds are a rich source of copper which helps in keeping the hair black as they contain copper which is of utmost importance for melanin production. So enjoy the goodness of nuts daily.

Eat Nuts

10. Chicken

Chicken provides proteins and vitamin B12.The deficiency of these compounds can lead to premature graying of hair. So increase the intake of chicken,eggs and even turkey.


11. Broccoli

Broccoli provides folic acid which helps in preventing premature graying of hair. Have broccoli in salads, soups and curries and prevent graying of hair.

Broccoli (2)

12. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds contain important substances like vitamin E, B6, iron and zinc. It is therefore one of the best foods to prevent graying of hair. Have a handful of sunflower seeds daily to prevent the graying of hair.

Sunflower seeds

13. Bananas

Foods rich in iodine are very important in preventing graying of hair. Common salt contains iodine but we cannot have it in excess amounts as that can lead to a number of health hazards. You can opt for other iodine rich foods for example bananas. Bananas are not only a rich source of iodine they are very good for overall well being of the body.


14. Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry or amla is very good in preventing the premature graying of hair. Make it a point to consume amla on a daily basis to maintain your natural hair color. It can also be applied externally to the hair in the form of oils and hair masks.

Indian Gooseberry

15. Dairy Products

Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese etc provide vitamin B and other important compounds that prevent the premature graying of hair. If you are weight conscious then opt for low fat dairy products.

Dairy products

As you can see a number of tasty foods contain important  compounds which help prevent graying of hair. So make sure that you include them on a regular basis in your diet. Some of these may make you think about weight gain in such cases see to it that you have them in measured amounts.

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