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Sciatica is a kind of body pain disease that really causes a severe pain. It happens so because of the compression of the nerves in your body. It can be due to the weakening of the nerves in your body. The pain generally attacks your lower back zone and also it can flow to the […]

Prunella Vulgaris is a kind of the amazing herb for you. It is very much renowned for its uncountable healing and medicinal natural properties for mankind. It contains amazing anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties for you. You can even make the use of this herb for the herpes. It will help you to get rid of […]

Sinus infection is a kind of infection in which the nostrils get blocked. It can lead you to face the problems in the proper breathing process. There is a very good remedy to the sinus infection that is the usage of the mustard oil. It contains the amazing natural warmth for you. It is also […]

Diabetes is the common problem in today’s life as you can see that disease at everyone’s home. Doctors and nutritionists have the same opinion that home remedies can be used as your regular medicine, when the matter comes to controlling such diseases. Research these home items can help control diabetes. Below Are Some Of The Natural […]

Uterus is an important part of body and when it gets infected or unhealthy, then it may cause mainly problem. There are many problems that can happen with uterus. For the example, consider the matter of fibroids. It is actually non cancerous kinds of tumors that are formed in the uterus. These muscular tumors do […]

Creatinine is a chemical waste product produced by the body as a result of muscle metabolism. The more the muscle mass, the greater the waste, it is hence higher in men than women.Sometimes, when the kidneys do not function properly, the creatinine does not get eliminated and starts accumulating in the body, posing many health […]

Pus in the urine is a kind of white or yellowish thick substance in the urine. It is basically a kind of infection in your urine. It is very important to cure this problem as it might be a sign of some dangerous urine related infection or kidney disease. You should consider it seriously and […]

Tongue is a very useful muscle in the body that allows a person to speak and swallow. It is also considered as the strongest muscle present in the body. Usually tongue is pink in color and due to various types of reasons; the color of the tongue becomes white, red, and even yellow. The reason […]

Varicose veins also called as spider veins, are abnormally enlarged and dilated veins in the calves and thigh region of the lower limb. These are a result of weak valves in the veins indicative of poor blood circulation. This condition is characterized by deep, throbbing pain and discomfort in the legs. Often, it is seen […]

Ant Bites refer to the situation when an ant bites you and stuck the sting in your skin. It can lead to the sensation of burning or itching and irritation also. Though we can say that it is not a serious health hazard but still you may get a lot of pain from bite of […]