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Our body has many problems, tinnitus is one of the problems in which we hear so many unwanted noises which have no sources, we often listen the humming sound, cricket sound, this sound is created by our brain at the back side of the eardrum, there are many causes of this problem, like the injury […]

There are a number of yoga poses and many subdivisions among them. Hatha yoga poses work on the spinal cord. Ha signifies the sun and tha signifies the moon. So it has hot and cool poses. Vinyasa and Bikram are some of the sub divisions among the hatha and perhaps the extremely popular one. Even […]

Osteoporosis is a condition in the human body in which the bones become thin. This can result in either fracture of bones or pain in the bones. The reasons for such conditions are many like age, gender, body weight which is below the ideal weight, smoking, etc. Let Us Have A Look At Some Of […]

Sun is the source of the energy and we receive it in various forms, UV rays are also comes with the sun light and these are the harmful for our skin, these rays causes various skin problems, like tanning, uneven skin tone, skin patching, so if you want a flawless skin then you need to […]

We use the medicines of the herbs from ancients day and Ayurveda has the vast source medicines. Winter Cherry is known to be a base pillar of the Ayurveda and many medicines used it as a main ingredients, if has so many of the useful benefits, we use the root of it and consume it […]

Cardamom is primarily found in the southern part of India and also in Sri Lanka. It is an aromatic spice that has been used since ages as an important spice in food and as a natural remedy against many health conditions and diseases. The therapeutic and aromatic properties make it a popular ingredient for everyday […]

Moles can be appear on any part of the skin and if they appear on the face or on any sensitive area, then they look awkward and your appearance is in danger. Moles are bacterial infection and it can be spread all over the body, there are many medicines available in the market, but all […]

Lateral Epicondylitis, also commonly known as the Tennis elbow is basically the inflammation of the forearm muscles that stretch from the forearm to the elbow. It is nothing but an overuse injury which is caused by the action of repetition. It is very common in the racquet sports players but in common workplaces also today […]

Dry and chapped lips could seem very unattractive and could be of concern to many. Sun exposure, allergies or constant licking of lips can make them dry. Instead of buying expensive lip balms from stores, one could create their own lip balms that provide more benefits without causing any harm. Natural ingredients could be used […]

The tidy look of a human body is due to the unswerving and straight spine or backbone inside the body. When one see a healthy human being from its side view spine gives as shape curvature but from the back view, it gives a straight look. That’s the cause our body remains sick and span. […]