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Probiotics are friendly gut bacteria that help in releasing enzymes that promotes digestive health. In order to ensure that these live microorganisms keep you in good health and digestion, it is important to keep them active and healthy. You can do so either by consuming probiotic supplements or by eating food that are probiotic. Here […]

Though obesity is one of the most common problems of today’s world there might be different reasons for which people want to gain weight. If you are an actor who needs to add extra pounds for a specific role or an athlete who likes to look bulky you need to understand that eating anything and […]

Our body needs nutrients and we need to add all the things to our regular diet, we eat raspberries from many centuries, they are juice in nature and we make many dishes of it. It is use as medicine to fight with the cancer disease, cardiovascular disease and it has the high amount of the Oxygen […]

Pineapple is a sweet, delicious, juicy and surprisingly refreshing fruit. It primarily consists of bromelain enzyme which is found in its juice and stem. Bromelain is also one of the generic names of pineapple. Not only children, it is loved by people of every age group. Due to its amazing taste, pineapple is widely being […]

Goji berries are found in China, and the natives of the china eat this berries in different forms, they eat it fresh directly, sometime they take the juice of it, they drink tea of it and used in the dried form also, it is believed that the people who eat it regularly will live longer, […]

We all love the sweet and sour taste of grapes. Apart from being a power packed fruit, it also works as a great snacking option. Grapes are full of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunity-boosting properties. The essential nutrients present in grapes are mainly the different types of vitamins, minerals, protein and also sugar. You can eat […]

Radish is a root vegetable with immense health benefits. You can eat them raw, add them in salads, make curries with them or stuff them in flat bread (parathas). Radish is found throughout the year. But it tastes best during summer and spring. Radish helps in cleansing our digestive track and liver. The black variety […]

Sciatica is a kind of body pain disease that really causes a severe pain. It happens so because of the compression of the nerves in your body. It can be due to the weakening of the nerves in your body. The pain generally attacks your lower back zone and also it can flow to the […]

Brain is the controller of all our activities in the body. It controls not only our emotional reaction, but also controls each and every physical and metabolic activity in the body. Without the instruction of the brain, a person is equivalent to a lifeless object. Thus, in order to maintain a healthy and emotionally stable […]

Irritable bowel syndrome is typical type of gastrointestinal problem that is mainly due to irregularity and irritability caused in the large and small intestines. Huge numbers of people are badly suffering from this problem. This can lead to serious results in people such as abdominal cramps, mucus in stool, headache, nausea, bloating, and constipation. This […]