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10 Superfoods To Prevent Hair Loss

Superfoods To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is a universal problem regardless of age. It is annoying and terrifying to see hair strands in the comb when you comb hair or on the pillow when you get up after a good night sleep. One simple way to combat hair loss and promote hair growth is eating nutritious foods that support hair health. Given below are some foods that can help solve hair loss problem.

Superfoods To Combat Hair Loss


Salmon contains substantial amounts of protein and vitamin B. As we all know, it is a very good source of omega-3-fatty acids. All of these nutrients are vital for maintaining hair health. Taking salmons twice a week is the best remedy for excessive hair loss.



This is a wonderful source of protein, zinc, biotin, vitamins and fiber. It helps maintain hair structure and promotes hair growth. They also contain good quantity of iron as well. Thus, beans should be a primary ingredient of your hair care diet.



Lettuce is a low calorie, highly nutritious food. This excellent vegetable contains hair volume boosting nutrients such as folate, iron, beta carotenes, zinc, and vitamin C and A. Experts say that many hair disorders are due to the deficiency of these vital nutrients. So, adding lettuce to your daily diet will nourish your hair and prevent hair loss.

Lettuce (2)


Eggs are a brilliant protein source. The proteins in eggs are similar to those which make up the hair strands. In addition, eggs also contain iron, vitamin B, folate and sulphur. These compounds encourage hair growth and checks hair loss too.

Eggs (3)

Sunflower Seeds

The seeds have wonderful effects on hair health. They contain plentiful hair health boosting nutrients like selenium, zinc, potassium, copper, biotin, calcium, magnesium and omega-3-fatty acids. Consuming a handful of seeds per day for sure will boost hair volume and make it strong.

Sunflower seeds


The wide range of nutrients found in nuts is helpful for solving hair related problems and promoting hair growth. Nuts are rich in vitamins, minerals and omega-3-fatty acids required for maintaining the hair health. Eating nuts routinely will maintain the hair health for many years.



Lentils are packed with protein, iron , zinc and biotin. All these compounds support and encourage the growth of hair. They keep the scalp healthy and prevent hair loss. They strengthen the strands and hasten hair growth.

Dried Lentils


Green peas are not only a tasty and protein packed food, but also a superfood due to its nutrients. It is a fine source of various vitamins like C, B, and beta carotenes. They stimulate the hair follicles as well as repair hair damage. They make the hair strong and prevent hair loss.



Carrot contains copious amounts of vitamin A. This vitamin is crucial for maintaining the scalp health because it is important for producing sebum. Sebum keeps the scalp clean and moist and promotes hair growth and controls hair loss too. A glass of nutritious carrot juice early in the morning is an excellent way to begin your day. You could also include raw or steamed carrots in your diet.

Carrot Juice

Sweet Potato

Research shows that beta carotene is useful in reducing hair loss. Sweet potato is a fantastic source of beta carotene. It also contains vitamin A, C, iron, copper, and protein, which make the hair strong. You can consume baked or boiled potatoes depending on the way you like it.

Sweet Potatoes

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