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Top 7 Superfoods For Weight Loss

Superfoods For Weight Loss

Superfoods are loaded with nutrients that promote good health and prevent diseases and infections. These superfoods help in shedding those extra pounds too and aids you stay slim and trim. Yes, superfoods are the secret behind rapid weight loss. Read on to know which foods can enable you get that perfect figure.

Foods For Weight Loss


This is one of the best weight loss foods because it is completely devoid of fat. It contains very less calories and has a lot of water. It is also packed with vitamin A, B, C and phytochemicals. It helps you feel full for a long time. All these properties make watermelon a good weight loss food.



Studies have revealed that consuming grapefruit for breakfast can boost your fat metabolism and aid in whittling your belly in a few days. Grapefruit contains phytochemicals that aid in fat zapping. People who have been taking grapefruit everyday have lost more weight rapidly compared to those who have not.



Lentils are the most beneficial weight loss food. They provide minimal calories, low fat and healthy nutrients per serving. They are packed with proteins and fiber. They improve satiety and reduce bad cholesterol. Thus, if you can take as much lentils as you want without guilt even if you are on weight loss diet.

Dried Lentils


Though this fruit contains a lot of fat, it serves to be a very good weight loss food. This is because of the high concentration of the monounsaturated fat and fiber. It boosts up metabolism and increases energy. It reduces the chances of developing metabolic syndrome and curbs hunger.



Walnuts make a great snack to satisfy craving. The nuts contain high amounts of omega-3-fatty acids, dietary fiber, vitamins and nutrients. It stabilizes sugar levels and prevents insulin spikes. It lowers bad cholesterol and keeps you energized.



Berries are an integral part of a weight loss diet. These tiny fruits support digestion and nourish the body. They contain little carbs, a lot of fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. They contain almost zero fat and are effective in balancing blood glucose levels. You can eat a cup full of berries to satisfy your hunger any time.



Broccoli is loaded with nutrients. It is low in fat and provides minimum calories. The fiber present in broccoli prolongs fullness. It also contains good water content and hence eating less quantity can add volume and make you feel full.  Thus, this vegetable will aid you to lose weight and stay healthy as well.

Broccoli (2)

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