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Winters are not just about warm woolens and bonfires. Lack of moisture in the air and as well as dry and dullness of the skin is one of the early sign that winter is approaching. Lack of moisture also causes chapped and peeling lips that might be embarrassing as well as painful. As the lips […]

Some people have acne prone skin while others suffer from acne occasionally. Both acne and acne breakout creates scars which fade away with time or remain for life. There are a lot of medicines and ointments found in the market that help in reducing them. However, they are usually highly priced and the chemicals present […]

All of us across age long for thick, lustrous hair. Hair becomes thin due to various reasons such as hereditary, stress, medications, hormonal changes and excessive hair styling. Let us focus on the natural treatment to make hair thick. Primarily eating a balanced diet, stress-free life and regularly massaging the scalp with warm oil can […]

Ascites is one of the dangerous diseases of liver, in this you appetite is totally damaged and you will be trapped in the diabetes disease, you will feel, uneasiness throughout the day, you will have problem in breathing also, so you need to first diagnose yourself whether you have this problem or not, there are many tests for […]

Each one of us wants healthy and glowing skin. We usually end up going to beauty parlours/salons for facial. But, they might not give the desired results every time and the facials come at a very good price. Above all, we are never sure what type of chemical products are used on our skin for the […]

Due to continuously working, the skin on our hands tend to become rough and harsh. If we show less care then it may subject to wrinkles and early signs of ageing. For such working hands, care is must. What you can do is either attend manicure sessions every now and then or form your own […]

Seasonal allergies refer to the situation of the allergy that is caused by the change of season. It has a lot of symptoms such as the running nose, fever, cold or cough. It happens when the season gets changed and a lot of such infections start flourishing in such a situation. There are many home […]

Stuffy nose is the very bad symptom of cold and infection. It happens when your nose gets blocked and it also leads the headache and the breathing problems. There are many home remedies for this situation. These remedies will help you to unblock your nose and provide you with the adequate relief and calmness. It […]

Cataract is a kind of vision related eye problem. It is caused on the lens of your eyes. It gets often developed in the people of old age. There are also the several kinds of cataract. It leads to the improper vision and develops a layer on your eye lens. Though there are many medical […]

Brown Spots are basically the appearance of the spots on your face. These spots are brown in the color and therefore known as the brown spots generally. There can be many reasons behind the occurrence of such brown spots such as any allergy or much exposure to the harmful UV Rays. Basically the people who […]