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Seasonal allergies refer to the situation of the allergy that is caused by the change of season. It has a lot of symptoms such as the running nose, fever, cold or cough. It happens when the season gets changed and a lot of such infections start flourishing in such a situation. There are many home […]

Stuffy nose is the very bad symptom of cold and infection. It happens when your nose gets blocked and it also leads the headache and the breathing problems. There are many home remedies for this situation. These remedies will help you to unblock your nose and provide you with the adequate relief and calmness. It […]

Cataract is a kind of vision related eye problem. It is caused on the lens of your eyes. It gets often developed in the people of old age. There are also the several kinds of cataract. It leads to the improper vision and develops a layer on your eye lens. Though there are many medical […]

Brown Spots are basically the appearance of the spots on your face. These spots are brown in the color and therefore known as the brown spots generally. There can be many reasons behind the occurrence of such brown spots such as any allergy or much exposure to the harmful UV Rays. Basically the people who […]

Sun poisoning is the severe problem of sun burning from ultraviolet rays that lead to inflamed skin. Dry skin often worsens this condition and people with fair hair and a lighter skin tone are more susceptible to this problem. Always cover the exposed areas of the skin before stepping out into the sun. Itching, rashes, headaches, […]

When there is an inflammation in the genitourinary tract of women, leading to a thick smelly white colored discharge, it is known as bacterial vaginitis. There is a ph imbalance in the vaginal region which causes itching, redness, swelling and pain in that area. Simple home remedies can be of help and go a long […]

One of the major problems of the modern world is the stress which is caused due to the fast paced life and this has affected the health of people badly. One of the direct consequences of stress is the problem of white hair. Earlier aged people used to have white hair but know the problem […]

Foot sore is one of the most common kinds of problems faced by both men and women today. This mostly happens because of restrictive shoe styles that are closed on the front. Since you are at work all day and your feet don’t get any room to breathe, they are prone to getting sore and […]

A red and itchy rash on the hand can cause extreme pain and discomfort and can ruin your day. The redness and pain are distracting and its location on the hand means your skin gets constantly exposed to certain chemicals, allergens etc. There are several things that could cause a rash on the hands. However, […]

Perioral dermatitis is a kind of facial rash which affects the skin around the mouth and towards the chin. This kind of facial rash appears on the forehead and around the eyes as well but is less common. This kind of skin condition affects women, particularly in the age group between 16-40 years. The exact […]