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Top 10 Natural Diuretics For Weight Loss

Natural Diuretics For Weight Loss

Diuretic foods can help in burning off the ugly fat in your body apart from reducing the water weight. Dieters often include diuretics for losing weight and purging out those excess fluids from the body for their overall health. Natural diuretics are known as natural foods that increase the frequency of urination and remove the excess fluids from the body.

Including these natural diuretics in your diet regimen can also provide you with a bunch of vitamins and minerals. They are considered as a safer option than the diuretic drugs and people who want to experience weight loss can consider including these natural diuretics in their diet for losing the excess water weight from the body.

Below Are The Top 10 Natural Diuretics For Weight Loss:


Celery contains lots of water and can help increase the frequency of urination. It also helps in keeping your body hydrated. According to a few studies, not only the water, we drink keeps us hydrated, but the water we have from the foods also keeps us hydrated.


Add it in your diuretic smoothie along with other natural diuretic foods if you don’t like chewing the celery. It is lower in calories and rich in fiber, thus preventing food cravings and helps lose weight.


Adding a tbsp. of grated ginger to a glass of water can provide you with lots of health benefits. It helps in cleansing your body and is often included in the detox recipes to flush off the toxins from the body. It acts as an amazing diuretic which helps in getting rid of the excess fluid from the body. The compounds in ginger help in burning excess fat as well.


Cranberry Juice:

Cranberry juice is an excellent food for people suffering from UTI because it is an excellent diuretic. The healthy thing about cranberry juice is that it helps in balancing the potassium levels in the body apart from providing antioxidants to combat the free radical damage. However, you need to pick the organic ones, unlike those conventional cranberries that are loaded with preservatives.

Cranberry Juice


Cucumbers are mostly filled with water and are considered as a hydrating vegetable. Hence, it is included in several detox recipes. They help in improving the frequency of urination and helps maintain a healthy urinary system. Also, cucumber juice, when consumed regularly, can help in promoting weight loss, controls diabetes etc. They also contain antioxidants and nutrients that our body needs to stay healthy.



Parsley has several health benefits and is an excellent natural diuretic. The tiny parsley contains a bunch of antioxidants and can be added to your detox recipes. Add a few fresh parsley leaves to your water and consume them regularly. Drinking fresh parsley juice or eating it raw can help promote weight loss by flushing out the toxins from the body in the form of urine.



Asparagus is a healthy vegetable that has plenty nutrients in addition to its diuretic compounds. Including it in your regular diet can help in improving the health of the urinary system. It can be added to your salads as well. Consume it regularly to burn off the extra weight from the body. Also, the antioxidants in asparagus can help you in multiple ways.



Watermelon is mostly filled with water and consuming it can help in flushing out the extra toxins from the body. Consuming this sweet fruit can help stimulate urination and reduce the water weight. Watermelon is known to have higher water content, thus making it an ideal fruit for weight loss. This fruit is low in calories and keeps you full for a longer time, thus preventing food cravings.


Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent diuretic and is known to have several benefits. This natural diuretic can help in flushing out the toxins from the body leading to a healthy urinary system and overall health. If you want to shed the extra water weight you can add it to water and consume it directly. Drinking it can also improve your digestive health.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Green Tea:

Green tea is an excellent diuretic that helps lose some water weight as well as fat. It contains antioxidants, catechins etc. and can help in stimulating urination, thus flushing out the toxins from the body. The catechins in green tea help in boosting your body’s metabolism rate, thus promoting weight loss.

Green Tea (2)


Garlic is also a natural diuretic. Consuming garlic helps in eliminating the toxins and extra fluids from the body. Also, the thermogenic compounds in garlic help in speeding the metabolism rate. So, by consuming garlic, you will be able to lose water weight and extra fat as well.


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