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Top 8 Safe Herbs To Take During Pregnancy

Safe Herbs To Take During Pregnancy

Many times during pregnancy women suffer from many types of problems that include nausea, body pain, fungal infections, edema etc. Sometime they take various medicines to counteract these effects which may have some side effects but let us tell you that there are herbal ways too which do not have any side effects and can ease you from all the discomfort associated with pregnancy.

Some Of The Safe Herbs To Take During Pregnancy Are:


During pregnancy mother complain about headaches and heaviness in the forehead region, which is many times due to the Sinusitis condition. The mothers can take oil extracted from Eucalyptus and inhale them in small amounts which would immediately relieve them from heaviness and headaches. Avoid touching the oil, if its undiluted ,on the skin as it can cause irritation.


Nettle Leaves

Nettle leaves are very helpful for expectant mothers as they contain loads of Vitamins and Minerals. The abundance of folic acid and vitamin A gives it a unique property of eliminating adrenal glands disorders like fluid retention and also maintains proper functioning of the kidneys. Nettle doesn’t have a very distinct taste and hence could be easily mixed with other type of herbs for consumption.

Nettle Leaves

Roots of Dandelion

Dandelion roots works perfectly for aiding digestion of the expectant mothers. The way they work is by increasing the production of enzymes that cause digestion and hence complete digestion. The roots of dandelion are also shown to have a detoxifying effect on liver which in turn makes them strong.

Dandelion Root


When the size of womb increases considerably in the post stage of pregnancy, mothers find it very hard to sleep. Chamomile has certain property due to which it sends the muscles in a relax state and also soothes them. The central nervous system of the mother’s is also put in relaxed state thus making mothers find it easy to fell asleep.



The chances of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) occurring in the pregnancy period are really high and Cranberry can really be useful in treating UTI. Doctors recommend antibiotics to combat UTI but antibiotics could really have negative implications on the baby’s body. UTI can be cured by Cranberry juice but it should not be taken as only medication, you should really consult with your doctor as UTI can have serious complications during pregnancy.

Cranberry Juice


During pregnancy the mothers regularly suffer from cold and running nose, sometimes the nose also feel stuffed and mothers can experience trouble in breathing. Echinacea works effectively to combat these problems and it works to cure running nose and prevents the cold from happening again and again. In a single stretch it should be used for seven days only and after that its usage should be stopped for few days.



Found in almost every household, Ginger works great in reducing nausea associated during pregnancy. Those mothers who feel like vomiting now and then could surely try having Ginger with some honey and it will surely stop the tendency to vomit. One thing to take care is its amount; you should not take large amount of ginger as it has the property of blood thinning and hence could lead to miscarriage.

The Ginger Remedy


Rooibos works amazingly during pregnancy. Not only it has loads of vitamins and minerals it also has huge amount of anti-oxidants which are very beneficial for proper growth and development of baby. Rooibos also ensures that the digestion is right on track and hence stabilizes the acid levels inside the stomach.

Rooibos tea

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