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5 Effective Yoga Asanas To Try During Pregnancy

Yoga Asanas To Try During Delivery

Yoga asanas are very necessary to gain huge types of benefits for the human body. It is very necessary to take care of the respective asanas that can be done at specific period of time. The asanas that are practiced by youngsters can vary from that of old people. Pregnant ladies should take care of some of the best asanas that can help the body to get prepare from labor and can help during child birth. Other kinds of symptoms such as constipation as well as morning sickness can be cured practicing few of the yoga asanas.

Here Are The 5 Effective Yoga Asanas To Try During Pregnancy:

Warrior Pose

Warrior pose is one of the best asanas that works perfectly for the hip muscles, chest and back. Stand straight and maintain few gaps between the feet. Take your right leg forward and start bending in forward position. Try doing slow inhaling of air and then lift the hands in the upper direction.

Warrior pose

Forward Bend Position

Pregnant ladies can try for the forward bend position to gain respective benefits. Stand straight and maintain some distance between the feet. Place the hand facing the thighs. Try to keep the hands facing thighs. Try to bend towards standing in the same pose. Come back to original position and repeat.

Forward bend position


Butterfly is a type of asana that can be taken as a part of yoga. This asana can help pregnant ladies to get better results. It looks like the butterfly flapping its wings. Simply sit down on the ground on the mat and use your legs as the wings to flap it up and down.


Cat Pose

Cat pose can also be done by pregnant women. It is easy to perform and it also helps to boost the circulation of blood in the body. Practice of this asana can help to provide strength to the shoulders and wrists. Try to bend down on the kneels and pose like a cat for few minutes.

Cat pose

Mountain Pose

Mountain pose is also termed to be perfect for pregnant women. It helps in providing strength to the spine and will remove the pain from it. Stand straight and try to bend back side and try lifting your hands in upper direction for some time. Take deep breath and then come to normal position.

Mountain pose

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