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8 Biceps Exercises And Their Benefits


Fit body lasts for longer time, there are many parts in the body and each body part requires proper maintenance through the exercise and proper diet, biceps are the part of the hand, it is the muscle, It is the upper muscle between the shoulder and the elbow, there are different types of the exercise that we should incorporate in daily life as the toned hands look attractive

Here Are Some Of The Exercises To Get The Perfect Shape To The Biceps

1. Bicep Curl

This is the basic exercise, in which the whole bicep muscle works, just stand straight, keep your back straight and tight, hold the dumbbell in your hand, now slowly raise it up by keeping your elbow fix close to the stomach, now slowly down the dumbbell, do the 3 sets of 10 repetition from each side, hold for 30 seconds while starting a new set.

2. Hammer Curl

This is the advance level of the exercise, in which you need to stand straight, now whole your dumbbell in your hand side ways, rest the dumbbell to the thighs, now slowly raise it up to the chest and lower it, then do it with the other hand, do the 10 repetition of about the 3 sets, this will tighten the biceps muscles and give shape to it.

3. Biceps Concentration

This is the exercise to cut the fat of the biceps, you need to sit on the bench, then rest your elbow to the thigh, hold the dumbbell in your hand, now raise it up to the shoulder while keeping your biceps tight, squeeze the biceps at the top, now slowly lower it, now do it with the other hand, this will pump up the bicep muscle, do the 8 repetitions from each side and of about the 3 sets.

4. Preacher Biceps Curl

This is a good exercise for the biceps, in this you need to sit on the preacher bench, now keep your back straight in an arc position, now rest your shoulder to the bench and place the triceps muscles on the inclined padded support, now hold the barbell with the hands, the grip should be of the shoulder width and tight, now raise it up towards the chest and then lower it down to the full extent, do the 8 repetitions of about 4 sets.

5. Zottman Curl

This is the advance level of the bicep exercise, in this we do the 2 exercise in a single exercise, you need to hold the dumbbell with the palm facing to the wall, now raise both the dumbbell towards the chest, now twist it with the forearms, so that the palm face to the ground, now slowly lower it down and do the 10 repetitions of about the 3 sets.

6. Incline Dumbbell Curl

In this you need to lay on the incline chest bench, now keep your back straight, now hold the dumbbell in your hands and the angle between the body and the hands should of 45 degree, now lock your elbow, slowly raise the elbow to the shoulder and lower it down, this is the best exercise for the bicep muscles.

7. Decline Dumbbell Curl

This is same as the incline but the results are better than the incline, in this you need to lay of the incline bench but with the stomach side, now place your chin to the bench end, hold the dumbbells in the hands, now slowly raise them up to the shoulder, squeeze the biceps and then slowly lower it down, lock the elbow and keep your back straight, do the 10 repetitions from each side and do the 3 sets.

8. Cable Preacher Curl

This is the exercise in which we can do the variations in the preacher bench, now just place the preacher machine close to the rowing machine, now place the weight on it, hold the cable with the tight grip, now raise it towards the chest, squeeze the biceps wait for 2 seconds, then lower it down, it is good to take help of someone while doing it, do the 10 repetitions for about the 3 sets.

Benefits Of The Biceps Muscles

Hands gives strength to the body, big, shredded biceps is the dream of everyone, by doing the biceps exercise you can increase the stamina of your body for men and women both, it increases the strength of the bones and also make them strong to handle the impact of any accident, your can do much physical work, it also reduce the injury cause to the hand, so if you have strong biceps then you can lift much weight and do the proper workout with any fatigue to the muscles.

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