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Diabetes is the common problem in today’s life as you can see that disease at everyone’s home. Doctors and nutritionists have the same opinion that home remedies can be used as your regular medicine, when the matter comes to controlling such diseases. Research these home items can help control diabetes. Below Are Some Of The Natural […]

When there exists inadequate sperm production and quality, then evolves chances of male infertility. It is declared by the world health organization that 1 ml of semen should have 20 million sperm count. The state when the sperm count reaches lower than this, is called oligozoospermia. The several factors responsible for oligozoospermia are hormonal abnormalities, […]

The consumption of alcohol at some event of enjoyment is joyful but if you become addicted to it, then it can provide you much harm. The over consumption of alcohol may lead to damage of liver, kidney and further in some cases it may lead to cancer. So you must realize the harm of excess […]

Treadmill is an amazing machine for exercising and maintaining a healthy fitness. It is very good mode of daily workout to burn calories in a systematic manner. But sometimes it may lead to some injuries such as muscle pain or any cramp which leads to awful pain and discomfort. There are many home remedies which […]

One of the most embarrassing and serious problems that is faced by a large number of men is the problem of low sperm count. A man is considered fertile when the sperm count is between 15 million to 20 million in one ml of sperm and any lowering of the number is considered as low […]

A lot of men suffer from a very embarrassing problem in which the breast size of the men increases. The main reason behind the occurrence of this problem is the hormonal imbalance in the male body. When puberty hits a man then it is very important that the body has required hormonal level failing of […]

Anal itching is a very embarrassing problem that can affect both men and women and this problem is caused due to the skin irritation. However there are a lot of other factors and medical problems that result into anal itching. Fungal and yeast infection, excessive sweating, psoriasis, exposure to chemicals, diarrhea, constipation, anal tumours, allergies, […]

Erectile dysfunction is a very embarrassing problem that occurs is a lot of men. In this problem the man is not able to achieve erection and also he cannot maintain it for a long time due to which their sexual performance is affected. This problem has a very bad affect on the personal and mental […]

The prostate is a crucial part of male reproductive system that produces the seminal fluid that carries sperm. Most men, particularly after 60 years of age, develop symptoms of prostate enlargement related issues. Prostate enlargement creates difficulty in urinating such as difficulty starting urination, uncontrolled dribbling during urination etc as it presses on the urethra. […]

Jock itch is a kind of fungal infection that is mainly caused in both men and women. It is otherwise known as tinea cruris. Jock itch mainly takes place in area near the thigh, genital parts, buttocks and groin. It can sometime becomes serious and hence need to cured on time. There can be various […]