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5 Simple Tips To Reduce Belly Fat After Pregnancy

Reduce Belly Fat After Pregnancy

Though pregnancy gives a divine feeling and utmost happiness to every woman but there are few things related to pregnancy, that gives all women nightmares too and one of the most crucial ones among them is the tummy fat. Intake of high protein, fat, carbohydrate enriched foods during pregnancy as recommended by the physician, lack of proper exercising etc. are major causes of belly fat often leads women out of the shape after the child-birth.

However, losing those extra kilos from your stomach isn’t that tough as it may appear with a set of proper knowledge and simple changes in lifestyle, you can get back to your sexy older look. Hence if you too are a mom to be and excited to know what those tips are, just keep reading.

Here Are The 5 Tips To Reduce Belly Fat After Pregnancy:

Intake Fresh Fruits:

One of the simple ways to reduce belly fat is to include plenty of fresh fruits to regular diet. According scientific researches due to intake of various fatty foods during pregnancy, women get high level of glucose in the blood stream that turns into fat and leads to belly fat build up. Eating of fresh fruit helps to maintain the right level of glucose and prevent tummy fat. But its recommended not to refrigerate them for longer time as it reduces antioxidants level.

Eat More Of Fruits

Chew Food Properly:

Proper chewing helps to make you feel satiated hence it keeps over eating tendency in check. Thus controls the calorie consumption and help you to be in shape. Chewing of food also helps in digestion process.

Chew Your Food Slowly


Heavy exercising right after the delivery of the child is not recommended but one of the simple and fun things you can do is walking. It’s a kind of light exercise yet offers great healthy benefits. Heading to nearest park can be good idea, it even refreshes you mentally.



Apart from walking, right yoga can also help you to shake those extra kilos off from your belly quicker than you can imagine. You can do pranayama, the simplest and easiest one but make sure consult your doctor before you opt for any type of work out.

yoga (2)

Eat Seasonal Vegetables:

Beat the boredom of eating same veggies and fruits everyday by adding fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits to your diet. It not only satisfies your taste-buds but also helps to receive the benefits from different veggies and fruits they offer.


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