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9 Easy Exercises You Can Do In Pregnancy

Easy Exercises You Can Do In Pregnancy

The fear of child delivery is very much prevalent in pregnant women, and the labor pain is an unpleasant ordeal that they have to cope with. However, there are amazing ways to make a baby birth easy and less painful.

Here Are Nine Awesome And Yet Easy Exercises For You To Smoothly Sail Through A Near Painless Child Delivery

One Arm Row

Stand erect with the back of a chair just behind you. Place your hands nearest to the chair resting on it. Keep your feet parallel and half a foot wide apart. Now your toes and the knees should make an angle of 45 degrees to each other when you pull your tummy up and in. Bend your knees and lower your trunk as much as possible straightening your back. Again straighten your legs to return to original position. Repeat this exercise at least thrice a day.

One arm row


Swimming is a great experience when you cut across water feeling the buoyancy of your enlarged tummy which is a real fun. Swimming is a both safe and a perfect exercise during pregnancy. It increases the efficiency of your heart and lungs and keeps your limbs flexible and working. Water aerobics is great as well. Exercising while standing erect in water has a soothing effect on your bump and helps reduce back pain and leg swelling in the advanced stage of pregnancy.


Opening Your Hips

Sit in a deep squat posture and open up your hips and try to release all the energy from your pelvic floor. This exercise aids in easy delivery of the child. Draw in five deep breaths while in squatting position and repeat this exercise three times. However, after completing 36 weeks of pregnancy it is imperative you stop doing this exercise.

Opening your hips

Pelvic Stretches

Pelvic stretches is an amazing pregnancy exercise that helps in a normal delivery. Pelvic stretches can be ideally performed on a ball or over a pillow. Put your feet firmly on the floor, stretch your legs wide keeping your back erect. After this, alternately stretch and move your pelvis back and forth. Repeat this exercise for a minimum of twenty times depending upon your ability.

Pelvic stretches


Yogas are great pregnancy workouts. They improve the elasticity of your muscles and enhance the endurance of your body without having to lift weights. For having a normal pregnancy and a smooth delivery, Yoga is ideal.


Downward Dog

During pregnancy, it is important your thigh muscles develop sustaining power and the downward dog exercise exactly helps achieve that. The typical posture is to set your legs wide apart and bend on all four limbs raising your backside rump towards the sky. Be in this position exerting a little pressure on your thigh muscles and then release the pressure.

Downward Dog

Pelvic Tilt Also Known As Angry Cat

Pelvic tilt reduces the labor pain to a great extent. The pelvic tilt helps strengthen your back muscles that require a lot of support to achieve normal delivery. Fall on the floor on all four limbs and suck the muscles of your abdomen and pull your buttocks in alignment with your stomach and then release the muscles.

Pelvic tilt also known as angry cat


Squatting exercise decreases your delivery pain as it helps relaxing and contracting your pelvic muscles. Take up the potty position with the help of a gym ball which gives your thigh and pelvic muscles a fair amount of pressure to tone them up for actual delivery.



Walking sheds those extra pounds and the unwanted fat accumulated on your groin area. Lesser the fat smoother is the child delivery. Daily half an hour walking is one of the easiest physical exercises to be done in pregnancy.


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