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Top 9 Diet Tips To Boost Your Brain Power

Diet Tips To Boost Your Brain Power

Brain is the controller of all our activities in the body. It controls not only our emotional reaction, but also controls each and every physical and metabolic activity in the body. Without the instruction of the brain, a person is equivalent to a lifeless object. Thus, in order to maintain a healthy and emotionally stable life, it is very important to maintain the functions of brain. Like any other organs, brain too needs proper nutrition for its growth and function. There are certain food items which help in improving the function of brain.

Here Present A List Of 10 Such Super Foods Which Boost The Function Of Brains:


Walnuts are rich source of anti-inflammatory nutrients. They are very good for heart as well. They are the store house of alpha linolenic acid (ALA) which plays an instrumental role in regulating the flow of blood, which in turn helps in channeling proper flow of oxygen in the brain. Without flow of oxygen, brain cannot function properly. This food item also acts as a memory booster and act as a cure of Alzheimer’s disease.


Olive Oil:

Olive oil is indeed a wonder of nature. It contains many ingredients which are beneficial to the body. Consumption of this oil helps in making our body strong from within. Also, it’s a cure for many skin ailments. Another noteworthy ingredient that they contain is monounsaturated fats. This particular content in olive oil is instrumental in slowing down the process of brain ageing.

Olive Oil


Broccoli is a very essential element to maintain brain function. It is rich in choline, which maintains the growth of new brain cell and also improves neural connections. It is an essential element to boost brain function and augments memory. It is rich source of vitamin K, which helps in improving the cognitive function of the body. Pregnant women are always advised to include broccoli in their diet chart so that it promotes proper brain development of the infant. It is always advisable to consume broccoli three times a week to maintain smooth brain function.



Coffee is made out of caffeine. This material is a mild stimulant which boosts the function of the brain. It also contains anti-oxidants which help in maintaining a smooth function of the brain. Thus consume coffee in limited amount every day to improve your brain health. Along with this, water is the gift of nature to all living being on earth. No living being can survive without water. It forms the base of almost all metabolic activities in the body. It also plays a very significant role in maintaining healthy brain function. Our brain tissues may shrink if an adequate amount of water is not consumed. This may hamper all body functions and may give rise to serious ailments. Thus, drinking water in abundant quantity is a must to maintain smooth brain function.

Black coffee


Another important food item to promote proper brain function is beet. It is rich in nutritional benefits which also help in maintaining growth and development of the body. They are the source natural occurring nitrates, which are instrumental in maintaining smooth blood flow in the body and hence improves brain function.



Garlics have great nutritional benefits. It is also used as an essential ingredient in cooking. Researcher found out that they contain organo –sulphur, which plays an important role in destruction of glioblastoma cells- a type malignant tumor cell. Thus, consumption of garlics helps in mitigating the chances of occurrence of brain cancer thereby improving its function.



These are food items rich in many nutrients which are essential to maintain proper body function. Researcher found that Avocados are a natural source of monounsaturated fats. They play a very crucial role in maintaining and improving the function of blood vascular system. Due to which smooth blood flow is maintained in the brain and hence increase its efficiency.



Turmeric is the part and parcel of every Indian dishes. It has innumerable health benefits. It also plays a crucial role in maintaining and protecting the brain health. It contains curcumin, which lowers the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease. It also acts as an anti immflamatory agent of brain.Consumption of turmeric on regular basis also sharpens the brain and enhances its power.



One of the most commonly available vegetable is tomato. It can be added while preparing food items to improve its taste and look. It is also one of the common ingredients of salad. Apart from all these, tomatoes have great health benefits. It is a rich source powerful anti-oxidants and lycopene which helps in reducing the levels of free radical damage thereby lowering the chances of dementia. It is also helpful in mitigating the chances of stroke .Consuming tomatoes daily improves brain power and memory.


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