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11 Effective Diet Tips For Glaucoma

Diet Tips For Glaucoma

Glaucoma is an eye sight disorder which is very serious problem. It can cause blindness by damaging your optic nerve. In fact some people suffering from glaucoma don’t even realize it because the loss of vision takes place naturally. If not cured at an early stage, it can permanently damage your eyes. It is caused by increased pressure in your eyes. It has several symptoms such as eye pain, blurred vision, redness in eye and nausea. Mainly the people of age group of 60 years are at risk of glaucoma.

Here Are Some Of The Diet Tips For Treatment Of Glaucoma:


Egg is amazing natural remedy for curing the glaucoma naturally. Egg yolks contain zeaxanthin present it. It is very much needed in treating the glaucoma. You can start consuming egg twice a day. There is a most effective technique by which you can use egg to treat your glaucoma efficiently. That is to eat the uncooked egg. It sounds bad but it is really very good for absorption of essential nutrients.

Eggs (3)

Dark Colored Berries:

Dark colored berries such as blueberries, cranberries are very essential in natural treatment of glaucoma. It reverses the macular degeneration and gives adequate strength to your optic nerve and eye muscles. Start consuming these berries regularly. You should be regular in following your home remedy to treat serious disorders such as glaucoma.

Dark Colored Berries


Honey is also considered as a good remedy for the treatment of glaucoma. It has good sugar levels present in it which is essential for eye. You can simply start regular intake of honey in your diet. You should follow this remedy for several months on daily routines. Moreover you can put a drop of honey directly to your eyes. It helps in cleaning of eyes and strengthens the eye nerves.

Honey (2)


Spinach is an amazing food for if you are to treat the glaucoma. It has high amount of essential nutrients which are required by your eyes. It further helps in improvement of your vision. You should start consuming spinach about thrice a week. Try different recipes to make the process easy and tasty.

Spinach (2)


Carrots are rich in vitamin-A which is a very good supplement for the nourishment of your eyes. It makes you eyes healthy in every manner. You can start eating a fresh carrot daily and after some days you can start consuming it twice a day. It is very beneficial for your eyes.

Carrot Juice


Turmeric possesses some natural properties which are good for the treatment of glaucoma. It helps in removing the impurities from your eyes and makes them nourished. You can increase the usage of turmeric in preparation of your recipes. Moreover, you can start having 1-2 tsp of turmeric daily with a glass of warm milk. Follow this remedy for 2-3 months.



Fish is also a good remedy for improvement of your eyes. You should choose the fish which is especially rich omega 3 as it is very essential for the healthy eyes. Simply start consuming fish by the means of dishes. You should consume fish at least thrice a week. It is amazing for your eyes and you will start noticing the good results soon.

Fish Oil


There is an easy solution for treating the eye disorders such as glaucoma, that is chocolate. Yes, chocolate is also useful in curing the glaucoma naturally. It helps in lowering the levels of insulin in your body which ultimately results in the improvement of your eyes. You should start eating a chocolate daily for the good results. But you have to eat the dark chocolate especially which is a little bitter in taste. It is amazing solution to this problem.

Dark Chocolate (2)


Nuts especially the ones rich in omega-3 are useful for you. They are very helpful in treating the glaucoma naturally. You can simply start eating these nuts daily to see the improvements in your eye disease.



Ginger is also another useful remedy for your vision correction and treating the eye disorders such as glaucoma. It has amazing natural properties which cleanse your eyes and nourishes your eye muscles. You can increase the routine consumption of ginger in your daily diet. There is another way to use ginger. You can grate a piece of ginger and squeeze it take out the juice. Now put a drop of it into your eyes. It will help in cleaning your eyes and removes the impurities.

The Ginger Remedy

White Onion:

Since time immemorial white onions are very famous for its health benefits. It is amazingly good for your eyes. You can see noticeable results by following this remedy daily. You can simply start using white onions in your diets and also in your salads.

White Onion

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