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Top 5 Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure

Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure

The pressure with which the blood circulates inside the body should be normal. A simple increase and decrease of the pressure can lead to several types of health problems. It is therefore very important to maintain the pressure of blood in the body. It can be properly managed by various types of methods. Presences of various types of herbs are going to help in this account and can reduce the blood pressure to huge extent. Excess high of blood pressure can lead to heart attack and other heart related problems. Make sure to use some of the best and effective types of herbs that are really effective to reduce pressure in the blood.

Here Are The 5 Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure:


Oregano is a good herb as it can help lowering the blood pressure problem. People who are badly suffering from the problem of blood pressure can use the leaves of oregano in various manners. These leaves will help to reduce pressure in the arteries. The carvacrol present in this herb manages to provide good results.

Oregano (2)


Onions are rich source of antioxidants that are damn necessary to take care of the increasing blood pressure problem. Regular intake of more onions will help to maintain the level of blood pressure and avoid further health issues. Systolic pressure is decreased and thus heart takes care of itself.

Onions (2)

Holy Basil

Holy basil leaves are divine as they are the best kind of herbs to take care of high blood pressure problem. The increasing high pressure in the blood can be taken care by the use of properties present in holy basil. You can simply chew down this herb or can prepare hot tea from these leaves.

Holy Basil


Garlic is a good type of herb that is used for various purposes. The natural ingredients present in the garlic will help clearing the high blood pressure problem and bring it to normal level. Allicin that is present in onions can cure many other types of problems. So try to include garlic in your regular diet.


Cat’s claw

It is a very old as well as proven type of solution to cure high blood pressure problem or hypertension. All kinds of neurological problems can also be cured with it. This Chinese herbal medicine helps to manage the blood pressure and normalize it in due course of time.

Cat’s claw

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