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8 Effective Home Remedies For Ascites

Effective Home Remedies For Ascites

Ascites is one of the dangerous diseases of liver, in this you appetite is totally damaged and you will be trapped in the diabetes disease, you will feel, uneasiness throughout the day, you will have problem in breathing also, so you need to first diagnose yourself whether you have this problem or not, there are many tests for this and if you are alcoholic, or have serious liver disease like cirrhosis, then you may have this disease, so you need to immediately consult to the doctor, if you have some of the symptoms of the ascites, but there are many home remedies also.

Here Are List Of Some Of The Home Remedies For Ascites

 1. Garlic

Garlic is as important as gold, it has so many health benefits, garlic has the antioxidants in it, that fights with the toxics of the body and clean all of them, also helps in lowering the blood pressure, it is good for the digestive system and lower the pressure of the liver, so you need to garlic in the diet, you can also eat juice of the garlic clove mixed with the honey.[1]


2. Camel Milk

Camel milk is best way to fight with the ascites diseases, it has many health benefits, it maintain the blood sugar level, also it cleans the blood of the body and liver has to work less for this, it is good for the digestive system because of rich source of fibre in it, it has the diuretic lactose that removes the toxics of the body and the blood and also increase the urination and maintain the water content in the body, so you should drink this twice in a day with empty stomach.[2]

Camel Milk

3. Onions

We remove the waste fluids of the body through urination, in ascites we also have the toxic fluid in the body and urination is the best way to throw it out, so you need to eat the onions with the lemon juice, this will remove the toxics and also helps you to urinate frequently, also it is good to maintain the temperature of the body, also the fiber content in it helps in easy digestion.[3]


4. Beans

We need protein to get the energy for the body and it is synthesize in the liver and in the ascites liver is damage and it will not remove the toxic level of the blood and this will sometime create problem to the brain also, so we need to eat beans as it lowers the toxic levels of the blood, just boil the beans in the low salted water for about the 40 minutes, then eat it by adding the onions and garlic to it.[4]


5. Radish

From many time, radish is used in the salad. Radish has many health benefits, it helps liver to clean the blood and helps to remove the toxics of the body, also it is easy to digest and also helps in digestion of hard substances, it helps in the urination also, adding radish to the diet is good to rid of the ascites disease.[5]


6. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds have good fibre content it, that will easy the process of the digestion, it is good to reduce the swelling of inner parts of the body, in ascites our abdominal area gets swelled because of the fluid fill in the stomach, so it heals the area and remove the swelling, so you need to leave the fenugreek seeds in the water for about the 14 hours, then take out the seeds and preserve the water and drink it in the morning.[6]


7. Mango

Mango has the best taste in the fruits and it is the king of the fruits, apart from the taste it has the polyphenols in it. In ascites there is inflammation around the liver and abdominal area because of the excessive swelling in the area, so the polyphenols in the mangoes reduce the swelling, also it is good in the digestion, it also lowers the bad cholesterol level and it is also good in detoxifying of the body, so you need to make the paste of the mango pulp and eat it in the morning.[7]


8. Coconut

Each part of the coconuts has many health benefits, the water of the coconut is good for the digestive system, it also cleans the blood and give relaxation to the liver and swelling of the liver will be reduced, in the ascites patient should not drink water and this problem can be solved by the coconut water, this will maintain the salt level of the body, also it controls the body temperature and also helps in frequent urination, drink at least of coconut water daily.[8]


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