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5 Amazing Remedies For Rough And Dry Hands

5 Amazing Remedies For Rough And Dry Hands

Due to continuously working, the skin on our hands tend to become rough and harsh. If we show less care then it may subject to wrinkles and early signs of ageing. For such working hands, care is must. What you can do is either attend manicure sessions every now and then or form your own remedies. It is very difficult to completely rely on manicure especially when we have so less time. Therefore, the option is to tag along with the latter one. How you can do this is by following the remedies below.

Here Are The 5 Amazing Techniques To Get Rid Of The Harsh Skin On Hands And Make Smoother:

1. Gram Flour And Yoghurt

This remedy is good not only for the hands but also for the face. Best for solving skin discoloration problem, this remedy comes in use every time the skin undergoes pigmentation or discoloration due to heavy exposure to sunlight or pollution. You might have heard of glow on face but have you heard of glow on hands? If not, then use this remedy and see that glow. Form a paste out of 1 teaspoon of gram flour and yoghurt. The paste should be of medium consistency. Apply on your hands and massage for quite some time. Finally after 5 to 10 minutes, you can wash it off. Do apply a mild moisturizing cream afterwards.

Gram Flour And Yoghurt

2. Warm Water

The option of using warm water might seem futile to many of you but it actually works. Soaking hands in warm water is one of the brilliant technique to get softer hands. However, there is a proper method of doing this. If you just soak your hands in warm water then it can make your skin dry and the hands even harder therefore you need to add something that can reverse the dry effect of warm water and it is lavender oil. You can add a few drops of lavender essential oil or rose oil warm water. This will give a fragrance to the hands and also make the warm water works only towards making hands smoother or silkier. Into the basin filled with warm water and few drops of lavender or rose oil, soak your hands for about 10 minutes. Do this twice daily and you won’t feel like using creams or lotions to keep your hands in good shape. After 10 minutes, wipe your hands and apply a mild moisturizing cream.

Warm Water

3. Sugar And Olive Oil

This is an easy and quick remedy for softer and silkier hands in no time. You can trust this remedy even if you are in a hurry to attend some party and want to revive your hands quick. What this remedy does is take away the dead skin of the hands and reveal the underneath bright and soft skin. In this remedy, olive oil helps in moisturizing the hands while sugar is to reveal the natural brightness of the hands. You can mix 1 teaspoon of olive oil with one teaspoon of brown sugar. Mix the two so that it forms a smooth remedy. Apply the paste on your hands and rub for quite some time. Wash off without keeping it for long. While massaging, do take care about not applying on your palm and cuticles. After washing off, you can apply a mild moisturizer.

Sugar And Olive Oil

4. Butter And Almond Oil

This is for buttery soft hands. The mixture of butter and almond oil helps in making hands really very soft and supple. In this remedy, butter helps in lubricating hands thus making softer while almond oil full of vitamin e helps in taking away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In 2 teaspoon of butter, add one teaspoon of almond oil. Mix well to form a runny paste. Massage all corner of your hands with this paste. Remember the more your massage and the longer you keep, the hands will become that beautiful. For this purpose, you can apply it at night and keep overnight. You can wear gloves to let the hands stain clothes. Wash off the next morning and see magic in your hands.

Butter And Almond Oil

5. Petroleum Jelly

This is another wonderful method to revive the rejuvenation of your hands and make them look 10 times younger with no signs of ageing like wrinkles. Petroleum Jelly can do the honor of moisturizing your hands. Instead of directly applying Petroleum Jelly to your hands, wash your hands first and then massage for few minutes with Petroleum Jelly. Don’t wash the hands and let the Petroleum Jelly applied. If you are worried about feeling slippery hands than you can do this job every night before going to bed. Doing this every night will definitely create lot difference in your hands’ skin. You will find your hands have got lot smoother and silkier. Although using Petroleum Jelly is the ultimate guide for you but you can also use an old moisturizer if you don’t have one.

Petroleum Jelly

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