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7 Yoga Poses For Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition in the human body in which the bones become thin. This can result in either fracture of bones or pain in the bones. The reasons for such conditions are many like age, gender, body weight which is below the ideal weight, smoking, etc.

Let Us Have A Look At Some Of The Poses That Can Be Helpful:

1. Tree Pose For Osteoporosis:

This is the most important pose which can help prevent osteoporosis. This pose when performed regularly helps in improving the balance of the body and prevents the falling of the body due to imbalance. Performing this pose improves the balance by improving the use of hip bones, the pelvic bones, the spine and the shoulder bones.
To perform this pose one needs to stand firm and in a symmetry position. One should look front. The spine should be straight and the shoulder should be pulled back and the arms should be raised. Both the palms should touch together while the arms are raised.




2. Triangle Pose:

This is another pose which is handy in preventing osteoporosis. To perform this pose, one needs to stand by the wall side separating the feet. Move the left foot about some inches but remember not to fall over. After that, you need to stretch the arms in the horizontal direction. During this same position, you need to turn the right foot in a perpendicular direction. Maintain this position for sometimes and maintain yours breathe for about half minute. After half minute follow the same process in an opposite direction.

Triangle Pose

3. Warrior Pose:

This pose is quite handy for people who are suffering from weakness in legs or with maintaining balance. To perform this, pose a chair can be used to perform it. Stand in a straight position and then move your legs apart by 4 feet’s apart. Now raise the arms in a perpendicular position and try to move it towards the ceiling through the sides of your hand.

Warrior Pose

4. Side-Angle Pose:

Performing this pose is also quite easy. To perform this pose, you need to stand still and spread both the feet apart. Remember that the knees should be pointed in the same direction as the toes do. Then move your left foot towards the right side a bit. The left foot should be completely touching the floor. Now Spread the feet apart with the knees pointing in the same direction as the toes. Lower the right arm. Lift your left arm towards the ceiling and extend the arm over your head. Maintain your chest, hip, and legs in a line and look upwards.

Side-Angle Pose

5. The Revolved Triangle Pose:

Stand in a mountain pose and move your right foot 4 feet apart from the left one. Now place your left hand on right thigh and right hand on your right-side hip. Twist your torso by using your left hand and trunk muscles.

The Revolved Triangle Pose

6. The Camel Pose:

Use a chair and sit straight with your back on the chair. Move forward by using your shin and knees placed on the floor. Lift up your body while placing the hands on the seats of the chair. Gently press your body forwards below to the navel maintain the shoulders backward from the front position of the chair.

The Camel Pose

7. Corpse Pose:

This can be said as a relaxation pose. You just need to lie on your back, legs in a turned position and palms facing in an upward direction. Stretch your heels away from the knees and stretch your neck away from the shoulders and in the same way the buttocks away from the waist. Close your eyes and relax.

Corpse Pose

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