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7 Unexpected Side Effects Of The Winter Cherry

7 Unexpected Side Effects Of The Winter Cherry

We use the medicines of the herbs from ancients day and Ayurveda has the vast source medicines. Winter Cherry is known to be a base pillar of the Ayurveda and many medicines used it as a main ingredients, if has so many of the useful benefits, we use the root of it and consume it in the powder form, but sometimes we do not proper use of this and if also has some of the side effects on the body, when we take it in much quantity, so we must consult with an expert, here are some of the side effects of this herb.

1. Increase The Thyroid Problems

Thyroid is the major problems now a days, especially in the ladies and most of the hormones are controlled by this gland and if we are on the medications of the thyroid then it will increase the level of the hormone by triggering the thyroid gland and we will have some serious problem, so if you want to take Winter Cherry, then first consult with the doctor first.

Increase The Thyroid Problems

2. Low Sugar Level

If you are diabetic patient then you are recommended to take the Winter Cherry powder, as it lowers the sugar level of the body, so if you are taking any medicine, then you should avoid much intake of Winter Cherry powder, but if you are a normal person then Winter Cherry will decrease the level of the sugar and sometime, you will also feel lethargic.

Low Sugar Level

3. Not Good At Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, then you should not use Winter Cherry powder, as the Winter Cherry powder can destroy the fetus, sometimes permanent disabilities can be occur in the infant and if you are a breastfeeding mom then Winter Cherry effect will be there in the milk and this will be harmful for the infant.

Not Good At Pregnancy

4. Ulcer In The Stomach

Winter Cherry when take in the powder form with the milk is not digested properly and some part remains in the stomach, these tiny particles will accumulate and then create the ulcers and if any one has the ulcers then, they should take the Winter Cherry with the proper consultation of the physician.

Ulcer In The Stomach

5. Immune Diseases

Winter Cherry gives strength to the white blood cells and these cells fight with the diseases, but if you have certain disease like the lupus or arthritis then you should consult to the physician before taking the Winter Cherry, because as you have these diseases then you will have the medicines for this and if you take Winter Cherry also, then it will counter the effect of the medicines.

Immune Diseases

6. Hypertension

Winter Cherry has the warm effect on the body and it is also taken with the lukewarm water or the milk, so it will increase the T4 serum levels of the body as it gives energy to the tissues of the body and increases the digestion process, sometime you will have the hypertension, normally it is for only few days but it can be for longer lime, so you need to contact the concern doctor.


7. Allergic Problems

Winter cherry is warm in nature and when it mixes with the blood then it may causes some allergic problems to the skin and rashes can be there, sometime inflammation can also be there, so if you have any type of the problems then immediately stop the intake of the winter cherry and consult the doctor.

Allergic Problems

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