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7 Yoga Poses For The Tinnitus Hearing Problems

7 Yoga Poses For The Tinnitus Hearing Problems

Our body has many problems, tinnitus is one of the problems in which we hear so many unwanted noises which have no sources, we often listen the humming sound, cricket sound, this sound is created by our brain at the back side of the eardrum, there are many causes of this problem, like the injury in head, aging, high frequencies noises, many people are suffering from this disease, there are medicines available in the market for this but they all have some side effects because the problem is related to the brain, yoga is the best way for the tinnitus hearing problems, it is easy to do and it has no side effects, here are some of the yoga pose that you can try.

Here Are The 7 Yoga Poses For The Tinnitus Hearing Problems:

1. Triangle Pose

In this pose you need to stand straight, then make the gap between the legs like there should be an angle of the 45 degree, now raise your hands to the chest, then from one hand touch the feet and bend your body to one side and raise your another hand towards the ceiling, like your both hands should be in straight line, hold the position for about the 30 seconds and don’t bend your knees, do this process to the other side of the body, now as you bend to either side of the body, the blood flow to the brain and ear is increase and this will popup the damaged veins and slowly this problem will not be there.

2. Standing Forward Fold

In this yoga you need to stand straight, take breathe now bend towards the ground, while bending take out the breathe, make your legs straight, hold the big toe with the fingers and keep your head away to the body by the neck, hold the position for about the 15 seconds, this will increase the blood flow to the wounded veins of the head and neck and your ear will pop up, this will help in tinnitus problem.

3. Downward Facing Down Pose

First you need to stand straight, then you need to take the breathe, now raise your hand towards the ceiling, now slowly blend while exhaling the breathe, with the hands touch the ground and make sure that there should be a bending angle of 45 degree, in this pose the whole blood will be in the brain with the force of gravity and this will increase the hearing aid of the body easily.

4. Camel Pose

In this pose you need to sit to the diamond position, then you need to make an angle of the 90 degree between the legs and then hips, raise your hands towards the ceiling and then bend behind to your body, while pushing your hips away to the body and touch the ankle with the hands, now bend your neck and see behind, this is good for the throat related problems and also good for the ear problems that cause the tinnitus.

5. Cow Face Pose

This is slightly hard pose and it requires flexibility of the body muscles, but slowly by practicing it anyone can do this yoga, in this you need to sit relaxed, extend your legs to the full, then bend your right knee so that the right foot touch the left leg, now place your left leg over the right leg and then touch the right hip to the left foot, now keep your back straight, bend you both the elbow and try to grip the fingers behind the back of body, hold the position and the breathe rate should be slow, this pose has many benefits, it controls the whole body blood circulation and help in hearing problems.

6. Fish Pose

This is the exercise that is used for many problems of the body it is good for the throat, ears and brain, this will increase the level of the oxygen in the body, so you should sit in the locked lotus positions, now keeping your back straight, bend behind to the body and your head should touch the ground, hold the big toe with the fingers and stretch it slightly, make sure that there should be an arc in the back, hold the position for 2 minutes.

7. Inverted Pose

This is the pose in which we reverse the flow of the blood inside the body, in this you need to lay on the ground, then raise your legs so perpendicular to the body, then place your hand to the hips and raise the hips also, elbow should be rest on the ground, this will pump the heart the flow of the oxygen will be more to the head, slowly the tinnitus problems will be solved.

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