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Top 6 Foods to Gain Weight

Though obesity is one of the most common problems of today’s world there might be different reasons for which people want to gain weight. If you are an actor who needs to add extra pounds for a specific role or an athlete who likes to look bulky you need to understand that eating anything and everything can increase your weight but at the same time affect your health. Gaining weight can be as difficult as losing weight is specially if you have a low appetite. To gain weight one thing which you need to keep in mind is high calorie food. You will have to eat more calories than you burn every day. Given below is the list of high calorie items which will help you increase weight in a healthy manner-

1. Whole Milk:

Drinking whole milk can increase your weight in a healthy way. Other than being a good source a vitamin and protein it also contains carbs and fats. The best thing about milk is that it boosts muscle gain which is better than getting extra fat tissues in your body. You can also make a banana smoothie for better taste. Also drink milk before going to bed for extra calories.[1]

Whole Milk

2. Rice:

One of the cheapest foods you should add to your diet is rice. Just 1 cup of cooked white rice contains 242 calories. Thus if you only add a portion of rice in your meal you can add up to 100 of calories daily. It can also be cooked easily and quickly. Another benefit of rice is that it is a highly digestible grain. Other than calories it is also known to be rich in vitamins.[2]


3. Homemade Smoothies:

Some people use weight gain excuse to eat junk food regularly but it is important to gain weight in a healthy way. If you have a low appetite or have digestive problems having smoothies will be easier for you than whole food. You can make a peanut butter and banana smoothie by mixing 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, 1 banana, and some milk and yoghurt. If you don’t want to compromise on taste buds then go for chocolate banana smoothie using 1 banana, 3 dove chocolates, milk and yoghurt.[3]

Homemade Smoothies

4. Potatoes:

Potatoes are carbohydrate heave vegetables and are also rich in vitamin C and fibre. The best thing about potatoes is that they can be consumed in so many varieties. You can make a potato salad by mixing boiled potatoes with mayonnaise, other vegetables and buttermilk. You can also have baked or mash potatoes. Add extra high calorie items like cheese, butter, bacon for extra weight.[4]


5. Nuts And Seeds:

You must have seen or heard squirrels storing nuts every winter season. The reason behind it is that they are a rich source of calories. They are rich in polyunsaturated fats which are a rich source of calories. You can take a bowl of nuts and seeds in snacks daily. Some of the nuts and seeds which you should consume are Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds.[5]

Nuts And Seeds

6. Dark Chocolates:

People who want to lose weight generally avoid eating chocolates. But you are lucky as these tasty chocolates are a high source of calories and will boost your weight gain. Just adding a chocolate bar to your diet daily you can increase 1 pound in just two weeks. You should specially look for dark chocolates as they have even higher amount of calories in them.[6]

Dark Chocolates

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