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6 Side Effects Of The Goji Berry

6 Side Effects Of The Goji Berry

Goji berries are found in China, and the natives of the china eat this berries in different forms, they eat it fresh directly, sometime they take the juice of it, they drink tea of it and used in the dried form also, it is believed that the people who eat it regularly will live longer, there berries have many nutrients in it, now a days goji berries are used as a supplement and comes in the powder form, it fights with many diseases but goji berries has many side effects also, that many people do not know and the deteriorate their health, here are some of the side effects of the goji berry.

1. Clash With The Warfarin

Some people have the problem of the thick blood just because of the foreign substances in the blood, hence the flow of the blood in the veins are not proper and this causes problems to the patient, so they take the warfarin to thin the blood but as you eat the goji berries they thick the blood and then the result of the warfarin will not proper, so you must not take the goji berries with the warfarin.[1]

Clash With The Warfarin

2. Diabetic Patient

If you are a diabetic patient then you need to maintain a level of the sugar in the blood and for this we do the medication and eat supplement for this but as you eat the goji berries, it will trigger the pancreas and then pancreas will release the glucose and the level of the sugar will increase and all of the medications will be ruin, so you need to avoid it if you are a diabetic patient.[2]

Diabetic Patient

3. Dizziness

Goji berry have many useful nutrients that are good for the body some are essential and some we should not take if we are facing some problems, goji berries has the atropine in it and it is a toxic element for the body and if we eat it so much then our body reacts with it easily and we have the irritation in the eyes or some type of the dizziness will be there, so the berries should be proper ripped before use.[3]


4. High Blood Pressure

If you are facing the low blood pressure problems, then you need to take the medicine to increase the blood pressure, so if you eat the goji berries in any form, then it will increase the pressure of the blood and you will have to face serious problems related to the blood and sometime your heart may also get choke, so avoid goji berries if you are on the medicines of the blood pressure.[4]

High Blood Pressure

5. Insomnia

This is the most common problems now a days in the young people, due to stress and odd hours working, we do medications to reduce the stress but if we have eaten the goji berries in the night, then this will active our brain instantly and we will have no sleep in the night and we have these problems and if we are taking some pills for the sleep and goji berries will counter the result of the medicines.[5]


6. Bad For The Pregnant Women

If you are pregnant then you need to take extra care and you should consult to the dietitian about the diet plan. If you eat good amount of the goji berries when you are 3 months pregnant, then the selenium in the goji berries damages the development of the baby parts and also create much labor pain, goji berries is not good for the men also as it creates problems in male reproductive organs.[6]

Bad For The Pregnant Women

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