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  1. I have been living the life of Agony for a very long time now, i have been suffering for A low sperm count, also called oligospermia, for couple of years now, and it has been hell for my wife and i, i have been on drugs so many times, going to different medical help, but non seems to be working, so it becomes a huge challenge for me and my family, my wife , so i went extra search to look for solution to my predicament, i was refer to A doctor, called Dr.poula, i contacted him via his Email , the Dr told me not to worry that my problem has already com to an end now that i am in contact with him, i was like ,Dem....so many doc, has told me that same shit, but i have to try because i am eager to get cured of my predicament, So i got the drugs/herbs from the Dr, i took the drugs Day 1, Day 2, to day 7, behold my oligospermia were no more, so i am using this medium to reach out those in this same predicament, to please all hope is not lost, contact Dr.poula today at [email protected] and your problems will be over ,,Good luck and God bless.

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