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Top 9 Natural Remedies For Snoring

Natural Remedies For Snoring

Snoring could be a signal that something in the body is not right. Experts say that snoring is not normal, hence, people who snore should consult a specialist or make lifestyle changes that reduce snoring. Snoring occurs when the airways become restricted while sleeping and causes a vibrating sound when the air rushes in and out. Nasal congestion, a deviated septum, relaxed throat muscles, allergies and bad lifestyle could all lead to the problem of snoring. Let us see the natural methods that help us overcome the problems of snoring.

Here Are The Top 9 Natural Remedies For Snoring:

Lose Weight

Obese people are always found to be snoring. The reason is logical. The flabby muscles press against the airways and throat muscles, compressing them and leaving very less room for air flow. Losing weight by even 10 % is known to reduce the constricted airways and allow easier breathing and hence reduce snoring.

Weight Gain

Quit Smoking

Smokers tend to snore more as the throat and nasal airways become irritated and inflamed with smoke and lead to snoring. The swelling in the passages cause difficulty in air flow and hence the snoring sound is produced.

Stay Away From Smoke

Make A Sleeping Routine

People who make a routine to sleep and wake up at the same time are often known to snore less. Good quality of sleep and ample rest is important to keep the muscles in good shape and control snoring.

Get Proper Rest And Sleep

Avoid Alcohol And Sedatives

Intake of alcohol or any sedatives can sag the throat muscles and make the air passages relaxed and swollen. Hence, people experience difficulty in sleeping and tend to snore.

Avoid alcohol

Change Sleep Position

Often sleeping straight increases the instance of snoring. We should turn sideways and sleep. Reclining the bed  and elevating the head while sleeping is also an option or one can use a body pillow to avoid the tongue from collapsing towards the throat. This leaves very less space for air to travel and hence, it produces a hissing sound called snoring.

Keep Your Head Elevated While Sleeping

Avoid Nasal Congestion

When the air passages become blocked, there is trouble in breathing and the intensity of snoring also increases. Use nasal strips while sleeping to allow more air to travel through the airways. Gargling with peppermint or taking steam inhalation can open blocked nasal passages and allow easy breathing. Decongestants, sleep humidifiers, and nasal sprays that relieve a nose block also help in reducing snoring.

Saline nasal rinsing

Reduce Room Allergens

People who are allergic often tend to snore more as their air passages become blocked due to the allergy. We should change bedsheets and pillows frequently and dust the room and its corners to keep allergens like dust, dander, moles and mites away. Hygiene is important to reduce allergies and keep the snoring in control.

Reduce Room Allergens

Reduce Stress And Overwork

Stress and overwork can make the muscles saggy and floppier. They become dull in functioning and airflow is constricted creating a vacuum in the throat to produce a snoring sound. Doing meditation before sleeping helps in calming the mind and relaxes the body to give a good nights sleep.



A regular exercise regime can help reduce snoring. It helps in keeping the weight in control and also aids in a restful sleep, both these factors contribute to lessening smoking. Also, an overall healthy body keeps the muscles fit and prevents them from sagging that can prevent snoring while sleeping.

Exercises And Stretching

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