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7 Natural Remedies For Depression

Natural Remedies For Depression

As a technology is growing day by day and making human life easy. There are so many of the diseases also there which comes from the excessive use of technology. Depression is very dangerous disease, in which mind almost stops functioning. Earlier it was happen at the older age but now even a small child is now facing depression. When there is imbalance in the mind and the brain produces less amount of the Serotinn, then brain we go in depression. Sometimes depression comes by over thinking, stress, no physical activity, fear and other things. There are many of the medicines in the market to reduce depression. Natural Treatment for the disease is always good.

Here Is The List Of Natural Remedies For Depression:

Eat Proper Diet

Depression normally happens as a less amount of the Serotinn by the brain. We must take the food which triggers the brain to produce much Serotinn. These natural food are oil of the fish, flex seeds, white part of the egg and other also. Make a diet plan including these foods. These foods are full of antioxidants, which flows the proper amount of blood to the brain and the heart. If we take these for regular time, depression will never happen to you.

Healthy Diet

Talk As Much As You Can

When a person is alone and don’t talk to anyone, then he might be trapped in the depression. A person should take to others to get rid of the depression. This therapy is known as the Cognitive behavioural therapy. There are so many ways by which we can divert our mind like we can use internet, we can use social media sites, we can see television etc. When ever you are in depression then try to talk over the phone to your friends or relatives.


Drink Green Tea

Green Tea has Caffeine with itself but one most important ingredient of the Green Tea is that it has L-theanine, which together with the caffeine boosts the mind and feel it fresh. L-theanine triggers the mind to produce the more Serotinn and finally we come out from the depression. Just boil a cup of water and put a lemon tea bag into it. Take this tea in the morning before the breakfast.

Green Tea (2)


Depression is the state of mind in which our mind can’t determine what is wrong or right. Meditation is the best natural way is to make your mind healthy. It sounds awkward that in the younger stage what is the need of meditation, but the meditation is good for all ages. Your mind will be calmed, while meditation and you will come out from the depression. Make a habit doing meditation daily early in the morning.



There is the new therapy now a days, which is known as Acupuncture. This is the therapy of the China. There are 400 points in the body and if we insert the small pointed needle inside these points, then our body released Endorphins. Some points in the body are for the mind also and we can come out from the depression and anxiety. What you need a well qualified acupuncturist.


Take Chamomile Tea

Sometime Depression happens when we sleep in the day and don’t sleep in the night. If we really want to come out from the depression then we should take sleep in the night. Chamomile Tea has Flavonoid, this helps in sleeping. Take mixture of boiling water and the milk, add some of the honey in it. Now add a tea bag of the Chamomile in it. Now take it before the bed time. This will relaxed  your mind and you will come out from the depression.

Chamomile Tea

Eat Food With Vitamin B

Vitamin B is most important for the brain. Vitamin B has the ability to refresh the mood of anyone. Fish, Cheeses, Meat specially of the Turkey. Vitamin B has the Folic acids with it. We should take these food in daily meals to come out from the depression.

Vitamin B Rich Foods

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