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9 Amazingly Effective Home Remedies For A Better Sleep

Home Remedies For A Better Sleep

A healthy and relaxed sleep is immensely essential for your body to function properly. It results in refreshing up of your body and makes you perfectly for the next day. As claimed by the doctors, every individual should take a healthy sleep of minimum 6 hours. But sometimes it happens that you experience a bad and disturbed sleep. It might have several reasons maybe the illness, depression, anxiety, fear or any other issue. In children, this problem can be noticed in the exam days when they are frustrated and burdened by loads of study and learning. But in some cases, this problem of disturbed sleep should be treated fast so that it could not take a form of serious illness such as insomnia. You need not worry just stay positive and try some home remedies. These remedies will show you the positive results and help you getting the sound sleep.

Here Are Some Of The Amazing Home Remedies For Better Sleep:


Milk is very essential for your body as it contains the nutrient which are most required by the human body. It activates the proper functioning of your brain and sense organs which keep you relaxed and provides a sound sleep. You can simply drink a glass of warm milk daily before going to bed at night, to enjoy the better sleep. It helps in healing of all your tensions and anxieties. Follow this remedy regularly and see the instant result. You will definitely get benefited by it.

drinking milk

Head Massage:

Sometimes only the minor issues such as dry hair and scalp can lead to the disturbance in your sleeping. For this purpose you can try amazing technique that is head massage. It will improve the blood circulation of your head and relax your motor nerves leading to a better sleep. You can take olive or coconut oil. Heat the oil and get it massaged on your head thoroughly. Massage for 15-20 minutes before sleeping at the night. It will show you the amazing results.

Head Massage


You can also try taking the shower before sleeping at night. Because sometimes the uneasiness and discomfort in sleeping is just caused due to tired body. When you take shower, the tiredness of all the day get vanished away from your body. You will feel fresh and relaxed. Now you should sleep and see the difference easily.

Hot Shower


Lettuce is amazing useful for you when you want a better sleep. It contains natural properties which provide the adequate relaxation and calmness to your body. You can take some fresh lettuce and consume it daily. Better if you have it before going to the bed at night. This will give you improved results and help you in getting the proper sleep every night.

Lettuce (2)


Egg is famously known for the high calcium present in it. It will be very beneficial for you to get the proper and better sleep. You must know that calcium is a sleep booster nutrient. Thus it will provide you with the sound sleep each night. You can have an egg daily in the night. It will give you the good results naturally.

Eggs (3)

Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil is an amazing thing which can help you very much to get a proper sleep daily. This remedy is an aroma therapy which boosts up your sleep and stops all the thoughts, letting you focus and concentrate just upon your breathing. Its fragrance relaxes your mind and body providing you with a calm and tension free sleep. You can take lavender oil and dip a clean cotton swab in it. Now when you are going to sleep just smell it 4-5 times and then sleep. Its magical aroma will calm you body all night long.

Lavender Oil

Dry Fruits:

Dry fruits are amazingly beneficial for you in getting a proper sleep every night. They fill your body with adequate calmness and warmth before going to sleep. You can eat nuts, almonds, pistachios and cashews daily to enjoy the rested and comfortable sleep every night. Moreover, they nourish your brain and make you active and sharp.

Dry fruits


Yogurt is an amazingly useful home remedy for you to get the better sleep daily. It contains high amount of magnesium which acts as the sleep booster in your body. It relaxes your body and nourish your mind which leads to proper sleep.


Dark Chocolate:

Your favorite dark chocolate contains an amazing property which helps your body to relax and gives the warmth to body. It is also rich in magnesium and improves your sleep. You can simply eat a piece of dark chocolate daily before you go to sleep at night. It will really help you by providing the sound sleep.

Dark Chocolate (2)

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