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7 Unique Sunburn Remedies To Give You Quick Relief

Sunburn Remedies To Give You Quick Relief

The summer is at the threshold with the blaze of sun beating down with full fury. An excellent season is just about to inspire you to an amazing beach holiday. An opportunity for a head to toe tan session is not far away, but too much of anything is bad, and rays of the sun can burn your skin causing substantial damage.

Here We Go With Seven Unique Sunburn Remedies That Can Save Your Skin This Summer:

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel is an excellent remedy against severe sunburn. An aloe vera plant with robust leaves would be an ideal start. One way of achieving your target is to crush the aloe vera leaves and get a thorough rub which will probably take a lot of time. An alternative is to prepare a concoction by squeezing them well ahead before summer days set in and store it in a jar. Application of this gel on the affected areas will give you quick relief from sunburns.

Aloe Vera Gel

Treating Your Skin With Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea would be great for treating sunburn this summer.  In fact, application of this awesome solution to your skin is as good as drinking tea for relaxation. Take 5 to 6 earl grey tea bags and boil in water. After brewing, pour the solution in a bowl and let it come down to normal temperature. Take a tidy towel and dip it inside the bowl absorbing the liquid. Apply the wet towel gently on the affected areas and see how fast the sunburns and the resulting pain vanish. For best results, try out this remedy within an hour of getting sunburn.

Treating Your Skin With Earl Grey Tea

Potato Paste

Loaded with enzymes, potatoes are super foods that fight sunburn. Even eating one raw potato could give you instant relief from the blaze. You can just place washed potato slices on your skin or apply potato paste. After sometime, rinse it with water. The results would stun you.

Potato paste

Treatment With Vinegar

Application of vinegar to sunburn areas would reduce the pain quickly. Pure apple cider vinegar would be wonderful in healing your sunburn retaining the tan you desire.

Treatment with vinegar

Kukui Nut Oil

This plant is native to Polynesian islands and has great medical properties. The oil extracted from Kukui nut gently applied on sunburn areas would work wonders.

Kukui nut oil

Cool Milk

Application of cool milk on the sunburn areas using a clean cloth soaked in milk would create a film of protein that would combat sunburn.

Cool milk

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has excellent properties that can mitigate the damaging effects of sunburn. Smear the affected areas with this oil. Leave it for half an hour and wash clean with water. The sunburn would subside.

Coconut oil

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