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5 Amazing Benefits Of Drinking Ginger Tea For Fast Weight Loss

Drinking Ginger Tea For Fast Weight Loss

Folk healers in Asia recommend drinking ginger tea for eliminating the excess fat from the body. Even scientific studies have confirmed the anti-obesity effect of consuming ginger. A study recently reported in the European Journal of Nutrition has revealed the effectiveness of ginger as an anti-obesity agent. In the randomized double-blind placebo controlled study, researchers found that obese women who took two grams of ginger daily for 12 weeks lost significant amount of body weight. Furthermore, regular intake of ginger helped in decreasing insulin resistance and improved blood sugar control. Ginger helps in stimulating various body processes that help in breaking down the body’s fat reserve.

Here Is How Drinking Ginger Tea Daily Can Help You In Losing Weight:

Appetite Suppressant

Leptin is a hormone that regulates hunger and controls satiety. Resistance to leptin increases hunger and causes overeating. Drinking ginger tea helps in increasing sensitivity to leptin. It helps in bringing down the leptin level, which helps in increasing satiety. Hence, you feel full after consuming fewer calories.

Suppresses appetite

Suppresses Cortisol Production

High level of the stress hormone cortisol triggers fat buildup in the abdominal region. By inhibiting cortisol production, ginger not only helps in preventing accumulation of belly fat, it also helps in protecting the body from the adverse effect of chronic stress.

Wrong Dieting Affects Metabolism

Boosts Metabolism

Sluggish metabolism is a major cause of unintended weight gain. The thermogenic effect of ginger increases the internal temperature of the body. It pushes up the metabolic rate of the body, which stimulates metabolism of fats. Moreover, by breaking down the fat tissues, it helps in increasing energy production. Therefore, you will feel energetic after drinking ginger tea.

Improved Metabolism

Improves Digestion

According to Ayurveda, restoring the digestive fire helps in eliminating the unwanted fats from the body with ease. Ginger is an excellent digestive aid. It helps in restoring the digestive fire. It helps in improving absorption of nutrients from foods and eases elimination of digestive wastes from the body.

Improves Digestion (2)

Inhibits Fat Synthesis

Studies suggest that ginger compounds help in inhibiting synthesis of cholesterol and triglycerides. They also help in slowing down development of the fat tissues. Therefore, drinking ginger tea helps in reducing obesity related health problems.

Lowers Cholesterol

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