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5 Amazing Reasons For Using Black Pepper To Lose Weight

Reasons For Using Black Pepper To Lose Weight

To lose weight you have modified your diet and tried different types of weight loss supplements. But have you ever tried black pepper to get rid of your excess body fat? The main active constituent of black pepper is piperine. Studies have shown that piperine is a potent fat buster. A number of experimental studies have revealed the effectiveness of piperine, which gives black pepper its hotness, in reducing body weight. To eliminate the unwanted body fat, add a generous amount of black pepper to your foods. The hotness of the spice will speed up the weight loss process.

Black Pepper And Its Main Bioactive Constituent Piperine Help In Weight Loss In The Following Ways:

Inhibits Fat Synthesis

Experimental studies have shown that piperine helps in inhibiting fat synthesis in the body. Scientists believe that piperine works by modifying activities of genes involved in production of fat cells. Hence, by including a generous amount of black pepper in your daily diet you can prevent further weight gain. Moreover, piperine helps in modulating activities of enzymes involved in lipid synthesis.

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Reduces Belly Fat

However, the major benefit of black pepper for overweight and obese individuals is its role in breaking down belly fats. Excess visceral fat is a leading cause of cardiovascular ailments, hypertension, high blood cholesterol level and type 2 diabetes. Experimental studies have shown that a fatty diet enriched with black pepper prevents accumulation of visceral fats. Studies suggest that the thermogenic property of the spice helps in breaking down the abdominal fat reserve.

Good For Reducing Belly Fat

Boosts Metabolism

Piperine also helps in stimulating metabolism. Low grade internal inflammation and oxidative stress are primarily responsible for slowing down the body’s metabolism. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities of piperine help in boosting the metabolic rate of the body. The high metabolic rate helps in the body to break down the carbohydrates and fats at a faster rate.

Improved Metabolism

Decreases Appetite

Black pepper also helps in suppressing appetite. It works by modulating insulin signaling, which helps in reducing food intake. Moreover, by increasing sensitivity to insulin, piperine helps in increasing glucose uptake that helps in stabilizing the blood sugar level and reduces food cravings.

Suppresses appetite

Improve Nutrient Absorption

Piperine helps in improving the bioavailability of nutrients. When combined with foods and herbs with anti-obesity property, it helps in increasing absorption of nutrients that help in burning fats and reducing the body weight. By increasing bioavailability of nutrients it also helps in improving the natural ability of your body to burn excess fats.

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