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10 Bad Eating Habits Not Allowing You To Lose Weight Fast

Bad Eating Habits Not Allowing You To Lose Weight Fast

You look the way you feed yourself goes the popular saying. No matter how much you run around and attend your gym classes, your faulty eating habits are constantly preventing you from reaching the desired weight loss goal. Though the adage goes, old habits die hard, but self-determination and a focused mind count at the end of the day. After all, health is your most precious wealth.

Let Us Discuss Ten Such Habits That You Need To Break To Get Into A Good Shape Fast:

Munching On While Watching Tv

Whether it is an exciting match or a mind-boggling movie, you need someone to give you company while watching TV and you keep on munching something. Not all times you make healthy choices. If you keep count, you will find that you seldom bite apples or fruits while watching TV, but most of the time you keep on munching fries, chips and cookies forgetting about your calorie count.

Munching on while watching TV

Mindless Eating

Not that you eat always when you are hungry, but you keep on popping something or the other in your mouth throughout the day. You may pacify yourself that you have already visited your gym as per schedule, but that does not entitle you for mindless eating. You will be adding more calories than what you have burnt in the gym. So quit this habit.

Mindless eating

Buying Wrong Foodstuff

Check the ingredients thoroughly including the calorie count while buying any food item from stores and high end super-markets. Check whether the food labeled as low-calorie or low cholesterol is giving the true picture or not. It may contain high sugar. Natural fruit juices often contain added sugar and that may not show up in the label.

Buying wrong foodstuff

Eating Store-Bought Foods Regularly

Busy schedule or running short of time cannot be an excuse of not preparing your grub at home where you have the option to make healthy choices. Devote some time in the kitchen trying out delicious healthy recipes, which will help you check your calorie intake.

Eating store bought foods regularly

Eating At Wrong Times

Have breakfast, lunch and dinner at a fixed time. Altering your eating schedule is one of the worst habits that will surely not help you in losing weight. Snacks should also be taken at a specified time even if you eat the healthiest food. If you miss eating on time, check that you don’t overeat out of intense hunger, which is a common outcome if not eaten on time.

Eating at wrong times

Skipping Breakfast Or Lunch

This is another bad habit which weight watchers think a smart way to lose weight. On the contrary, skipping breakfast deprives your body of essential nutrients. Your body metabolism slows down which is not desirable if you are serious about your weight loss target. If you feel that having “brunch” will help you lose weight, you would go wrong seriously losing track of your calorie count.

Skipping breakfast or lunch

Getting Lured By Sight And Smell

Seldom is a person not allured by the attractive marketing ads posted by the famous fast food joints showcasing attractive offers, which can make you feel hungry even when you are not. Many get easily attracted by the sight and smell of these foods while passing by and fall into the eating trap. You take in a lot of junk foods at a high cost and suffer from guilt pangs later.

Getting lured by sight and smell

Eating Leftovers

Eating leftovers frequently will lead you to overeating where you will not be able to follow your weight loss diet strictly. Naturally, this habit will take you far from your weight loss target. Whatever may be the quantity of leftover food, either discard it or store it in your refrigerator for next day consumption.

Eating leftovers

Late Night Eating

If you need to work burning midnight oil, then concentrate on your work only instead of surfing the refrigerator for untimely consumption of goodies. Tell yourself that you had a satisfying dinner and a healthy delicious breakfast will be on your table after a few hours. If at all you need to take something, it is better to drink some water or chew sugar- free chewing gums to curb your untimely cravings.

Late night eating

Frequent Starving

This is another wrong habit the weight watchers pick up with a strong belief that they will achieve their dream shape within a few days. This can give you short time gains, but it won’t work in the long run. This is because one cannot go without food for a long time. Someday your suppressed urge for food will lead you to overeating where you are bound to cross the limits of your required calorie intake.

Frequent starving

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