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11 Great Reasons For Breastfeeding Your Baby

Great Reasons For Breastfeeding Your Baby

Breastfeeding your newborn is mandatory, but you should be aware of the reasons as well while taking up this responsibility post delivery. A mother experiences immense gratification while nursing her newborn that cannot be explained in words, and the special emotional bonding between the mother and the child initiates from that stage. None can deny that the bonding between the mother and the child is always held special than that between a father and  the child.

Here We Sum Up Ten Great Reasons That Breastfeeding Your Newborn Should Be Given Top Priority For At Least 4-6 Months

Great Immunity Booster

Mother’s milk is the best natural food suitable for your newborn that contains the right quantities of essential nutrients and antibodies that boost the immunity of your baby protecting him or her from allergies and infections.

Great immunity booster

Easily Digestible

Breast milk containing carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water is constituted perfectly for the newborn’s digestive system and, therefore, is easily digestible. Your newborn will not suffer from infant colic and other gastrointestinal infections.

Easily digestible

Develops Brain Power

Mother’s milk being the natural food helps in the better development of your baby’s brain than the formula fed babies. Fat present in breast milk facilitates a quick development of the myelin sheath of axons. Certain hormones and enzymes present in breast milk also help in the better development of neurons.

Develops brain power

Zero Constipation

Breast milk is considered as the balanced diet for newborns. Constipation and erratic bowel movement are almost absent in breastfed babies. This is because breast milk also contains the right quantity of water that facilitates smooth bowel movement.

Zero constipation

Prevents Child Obesity

The right quantity of nutrients present in mother’s milk helps in maintaining a healthy weight of your newborn preventing the accumulation of baby fat. Formula fed babies tend to be overweight and they become obese and develop juvenile diabetes as they grow up.

Prevents child obesity

Better Eye Vision

Long chain fatty acids present in breast milk especially DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), an essential omega-3-fatty acid helps in the development of eye tissues resulting in improved vision power of the child. Though many formula foods are fortified with DHA, but the unique synchronization of fatty acids with other essential nutrients in breast milk cannot be duplicated in artificially produced food.

Better eye vision

Helps In The Development Of Motor Skills And Language Skills

The unique fat and protein composition in breast milk develops the white matter of brain fast, and your baby will exhibit better motor skills and language skills compared to formula fed babies. Breast feeding helps a substantial growth in the white matter by the age of two. Those breastfeeding their babies till the age of two are most lightly to groom smarter kids.

Helps in the development of motor skills and language skills

Promotes Better Sleep

The sleeping pattern of newborns differs widely from that of adults. A newborn keeps waking several times at night due to various reasons, but infant colic is one common reason that disturbs a newborn at night especially if he or she is formula fed. Babies feeding breast milk do not suffer from colic and sleeps peacefully at night.

Promotes better sleep

Safest Baby Food

A newborn’s ability to resist external infections is lowest which gradually develops as he or she grows. Naturally, if your newborn is formula fed, he or she has very high chances of catching gastrointestinal infections as formula milk gets contaminated easily. Breastfeeding reduces the hazards of such infections as there is no chance of contamination.

Safest baby food

Easily Portable

Breast milk does not demand any extra storage facility, and you can feed your baby anywhere as per his or her demand. You need not spend extra effort in carrying your baby’s food when you are stepping out of your house.

Easily portable

Saves Your Spending

Breast milk forms naturally in your body and you need not spend a penny on this. Formula milk is highly expensive, and annually many parents are compelled to spend heavily on this not-so-healthy baby food. It is wise to habituate your newborn to breastfeeding, which is best for his or her health sparing your pocket as well.

Saves your spending

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