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7 Simple And Effective Ways To Shed Water Weight

7 Simple And Effective Ways To Shed Water Weight

Losing water weight is the easiest and the fastest way of losing body weight. A considerable part of our body is made up of water and weight gain due to water retention in the body attributes to approximately 60% of the total weight gain, in most cases. Therefore, if you are blaming the calories for your weight gain or if your fitness regime is not showing the desired results, you might be doing it all wrong. The most apparent symptom of weight gain due to water retention is puffiness. And if you feel you are suffering from water weight, there are ways to lose them drastically overnight, even up to 3 pounds. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, correct diet and adequate exercise are the keys to lose weight. In this article, we have shared some simple and amazing tips to shed water weight effectively:

1. Increase Water And Electrolyte Intake

Staying hydrated is the key to losing water weight. It is essential to drink plenty of water to lose weight. In fact, you can add electrolytes in your diet in order to maintain the water balance in the body, which will help in improving the levels of magnesium and potassium in the body. Adequate electrolyte intake helps in avoiding imbalance in the fluids in the body that causes water retention. If your water consumption is higher, electrolyte intake should also be proportionately higher.

2. Cut Down On Salt Intake

The sodium present in salt is one of the most common causes of water retention in the body. A poor lifestyle and an unhealthy diet worsen the situation. There are low sodium salts available in the market which helps in avoiding water retention as well as getting high blood pressure. Including lesser quantity of salt in daily diet can help in lowering water weight drastically.

3. Cut Down On Sugar

Sugar contains high level of calories. It is also responsible for high insulin levels, which does not allow the body to lose the sodium present in the body. You can shed some of those extra pounds just by switching to sugar-free food and beverages. Cutting down on refined and processed food is also a healthy way of losing weight faster.

4. Do Adequate Exercise And Cardiac Workouts

Exercise is an effective way for reducing water retention. You can add cardiac exercises like running on the treadmill or climbing stairs which warms up the body and causes sweating. This helps in reducing water weight. You can also add sit-ups to speed up the process.

5. Add 30 Minutes Of Extra Nap

Ideally, an average adult should get 8 hours of sleep. However, 5 to 6 hours of sleep is sufficient for some people. If you want to lose water weight without any extra effort, the easiest way for this is to sleep some more. If you add 30 minutes to your average duration of sleep, it will leave you rejuvenated with more energy levels to work-out more, which would help in losing extra pounds. Moreover, sleeping for 9 hours allows you to stay active throughout the day and shed more weight.

6. Remain Stress-Free

Stress leads to high cortisol levels. It is responsible for high ADH or anti-diuretic hormone, which reduces urination. Therefore, stress finally leads to increased water retention in the body. By bringing down the stress level, you can not only manage your weight, but also enjoy a healthy and relaxed life.

7. Eat Healthy

To lose weight, it is necessary to eat healthy and follow a diet plan. Adequate intake of all vital nutrients, especially minerals and vitamins helps in reducing water retention in the body. Cutting down on calories intake is also important.

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