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8 Triceps Exercises And Their Benefits

8 Triceps Exercises And Their Benefits

For last few years, people and especially youths are showing their interest towards health and fitness. While, it is great being concerned towards your health and body but at the same time it is very much required to do it the right way. Most people hire trainers and experts to guide them for a perfect gym and exercise routine but all of this is not actually required if you want to keep it simple. The good news is that you can do the basic exercise at your home without any trainer. The “Do it yourself” guide to certain exercises are actually very convenient and flexible for people who are busy working. You don’t have to schedule your activities according to your gym planner but you can do it yourself whenever you feel comfortable. However it is recommended to follow a fixed time routine. Below you will find a couple of triceps exercise to go for:

1. Seated Dumbbell Press:

This triceps exercise is the best one to start with. Along with the weight lifting part, it also focuses on balancing of overall load and makes the perfect pressure points for your arms. This is rather a challenging one, it allows to lift more than a single pair of joint that actually helps in shaping your triceps in a better way off course. Make sure that you keep your elbows really tight as this is very important for better shaping. For this routine, the Seated Dumbbell Press is a great exercise.

Seated Dumbbell Press

2. Dips:

Now this exercise can be considered as a level 1 or a level 2 exercise for triceps. Before moving forward with this triceps exercise, make sure that you are already comfortable at basic weight lifting and if not, practice them in the sets of 2, 4 & 8 and master it. For dip machine, first select the weight according to your capability and while you are lifting, make sure that your elbows go into a perfect 90 degree angle.


3. Close Grip Barbell Bench Press:

Lie down in a comfortable bench and lift the bar from the rack, one you are able to do this then hold this position for a while and lock your arms. After a while slowly bring down the bar near to your chest and relax. Repeat the steps according to your prescribed sets. All the strain that you might feel at your elbows at the time of lifting actually helps better in shaping your arms.

Close Grip Barbell Bench Press

4. V Bar Pull Down:

If you own this machine at your own house gym then good otherwise you need to head to your nearest gym for this one. To start with V bar pull down, sit on the machine and set the knee pads according to your height. Hold the V bar with your pals facing each other and this marks the starting position of your exercise. With your lats, pull down the V bar and exhale.

V Bar Pull Down

5. EZ-bar Skull Crusher:

The first step would be to lie on the bench. Once you are comfortable, lift the EZ-bar and hold it with your elbows. The catch is to simple fix your upper arms and let your elbows do all the exercise. Bring back the bar down near to your forehead and repeat as prescribed. This is more of a step 2 exercise and it helps in giving correct pressure points for further re shaping of your elbows and triceps.

EZ-bar Skull Crusher

6. Triceps Extension:

Be comfortable with a weight that you can carry and select the weight. Once you are done with selecting the weight then places your upper arms over a handle and be comfortable with the position. This exercise also has your arms fixed at the handle and lets your elbow lift the weight. Don’t rush but take pause at every half cycle of this exercise & repeat the steps according to your prescribed sets and treps.

Triceps Extension

7. Weighted Parallel Bar Dip:

For building mass, this is one of the best exercises to go for. Once you are comfortable doing all the previously mentioned exercises then you can move along with this particular one. Focus on your dips and stand in a vertical position at the beginning. This exercise brings out the best for your triceps and mass building.

Weighted Parallel Bar Dip

8. Board Press:

The last in the list, but not the least off course is the board press exercise. Be firm with your grip as this exercise is yet another one that works for the shaping of your triceps and off course for the mass building of your triceps. The pro tip is to select the weight according to your choice.

Board Press

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