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15 Natural Appetite Suppressants

Natural Appetite Suppressants

Losing weight can be tedious. Some of tend to resort to chemical laden appetite suppressants so that they can prevent over eating and keep away from the dreaded extra calories. But there some natural appetite suppressants which help in keeping the stomach full for a longer time and prevent hunger pangs.

Mentioned Below Are Some Of The Natural Appetite Suppressants:


Nuts like peanuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts etc are a rich source of omega fatty acids, fiber, vitamin E and they are known to suppress hunger. Hence they help in avoiding over eating and are thus a healthy way to suppress hunger. They are good for the skin as well.


Vegetable Clear Soup/Broth/Juices:

It has been found that having vegetable clear soup or broth or juice before regular meals helps in avoiding over eating and thus helps prevent the intake of extra calories. Therefore increase the intake of veggie broths, juice and clear soup but make sure that the vegetables that you select have low sodium content.



Oats contain large amount of fiber .Hence they help in reducing hunger pangs by keeping the stomach full. They are good for the digestive system and help in bowel movement. A good way to start your day is by having healthy oats for breakfast.



Apples contain fiber which helps in suppressing hunger. The pectin in the apples helps in controlling blood sugar levels and hence these should be included in your regular diet to keep hunger at bay.

apple (2)

Cayenne Pepper:

Cayenne pepper improves metabolism and helps in burning the extra fat. It also helps as a detox agent and is ideal for weight loss. Have it in your regular meals in order to suppress hunger.

Cayenne Pepper

Flaxseeds And Chia Seeds:

Regular intake of these seeds is a must for your weight loss regime. The omega6 fatty acids in flax seeds increases the levels of cholecystokinin which helps suppress hunger. The main substance in chia seeds which helps in suppressing hunger is high amount of soluble fibers.

Flaxseeds And Chia Seeds

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar helps in suppressing hunger by releasing glucose in the blood. It is also known to provide vitamins and minerals. Use apple cider vinegar in your regular meals.

Apple Cider Vinegar Mixture


Avocados contain large amount of fiber which keeps the stomach full for a longer time. They have large amount of monosaturated fats which are good for the cardiovascular system and also help in suppressing hunger.

Avocados (2)

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes have a starch which takes longer time to get digested as it resists digestive enzymes. Thus help in suppressing hunger. They are better than potatoes.

Sweet Potatoes

Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate with large amounts of cocoa helps in decreasing the appetite. Steric acid helps in keeping the stomach full for a longer time as it slows down the digestion.

Dark Chocolate (2)


Tofu has genistein which helps to reduce or rather suppress hunger. Therefore increase the intake of tofu in your meals.


Whey Protein:

It has been found that people who consume whey protein on a regular basis take in lesser calories. Hence if you are looking for a safe hunger suppressant then opt for whey protein.

Whey Protein


Water is the best natural way of suppressing hunger. Drink a glass of water before meals to reduce the intake of extra calories.

Drinking Water

Green Tea:

Green tea has catechins and caffeine. These improve metabolism and they help in controlling blood sugar levels. It thus helps suppress hunger .Green tea is also good for the skin .So sip green tea to avoid extra calories.

Green Tea (2)


The caffeine in coffee helps in suppressing hunger. Coffee improves metabolism. So sip coffee in moderate amounts. But remember to have a strict control on the cream, milk and sugar that you add to it.


Use these natural appetite suppressants and smartly avoid the intake of additional calories and enjoy good health!

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