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11 Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer You Should Not Ignore

Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer

Cancer is a very dangerous type of term that has totally engulfed the entire world. There are various types of cancer that people are suffering from. Cervical Cancer is one type of cancer that most of the women are suffering. It mainly affects the lower part of the uterus also known as cervix. Hence the name Cervical Cancer justifies the formation of cancer to the cervix cells. There can be various types of reasons due to which the cancer is formed in the body. Huge numbers of women from all across the world are suffering from this problem. There are various types of warning signs of this cancer, which should not be avoided. Proper care and attention can help to tackle the situation.

Here Are The 11 Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer:

Discharge From The Vagina

Various types of fluids come out from the vagina that is quite normal among women. The discharge of the liquid from the vagina that smells foul indicates the formation of Cervical Cancer in the cervix. The fluid coming out is also different in appearance. Hence it is a warning sign of the problem that should be taken seriously.

Discharge from the vagina

Pain In The Leg

Women suffering from Cervical Cancer problem show early symptoms such as regular pain in the leg. It does not happen in all women, but can be seen in most of the women. The leg starts to swell and suffers from high pain. Improper blood flow near the cervix leads to swelling of the leg.

Pain in the leg

Pain During Sex

Sex is quite interesting kind of activity that is enjoyed by all couple. This is not the case with the women who is suffering from Cervical Cancer problem. A woman who is suffering from this particular problem suffers from pain while having sex with her partner. There is discharge of some foul kind of liquid from the vagina.

Pain during sex

Pain During Urinating

The problem of Cervical Cancer also leads to generate pain during normal urinating. This becomes regular day by day and hence proper attention should be taken for it. Few patients also experience discomfort as well as burning sensation in the vagina. The discomfort can also be due to other reasons, but it is also a type of warning sign in case of Cervical Cancer in women.

Pain during urinating


In case of Cervical Cancer, there is unusual kind of bleeding from the vagina. The bleeding can occur at any point of time. Hence the symptom of unusual bleeding should not be taken lightly. Proper care should be taken and regular checkups must be done to ensure safety.


Long Menstruation

Menstrual cycles occur every month and this is a natural process for women. There is discharge of blood along with other materials from the vagina during this period. In case of Cervical Cancer, patient will suffer from high range of menstruation. In this case there will be more discharge of blood that can worsen the condition.

Relief from painful menstruation

Weight Loss

There is a sudden weight loss in the body because of the Cervical Cancer problem. Women who are suffering from this cancer problem can experience sudden fall in their weight. You will lose your considerable amount of weight in few days. This is one type of warning sign that clearly shows the presence of Cervical Cancer.

Faulty weight loss programs

Losing Control On The Bladder

In case of Cervical Cancer, the patient will lose their grip on urinary bladder. Thus they can urinate at any point of time. It is a very common symptom during Cervical Cancer problem. Normally people are having control on their bladder and can urinate as per their wish. This is not the case with the Cervical Cancer patients.

Losing control on the bladder

Low Energy

Women who are suffering from Cervical Cancer can suffer from low energy problem. The patient will feel low energy and thus the condition of fatigue comes into picture. The count of red blood cells decreases and which leads to fatigue. Thus low energy in the body also warns the person of Cervical Cancer problem.

Low energy

Irregularity In Urination

The urinating habits in the patient will suddenly change and it also informs the presence of Cervical Cancer in the cervix. The patient starts using the bathroom often and there is no limit for it. This can also warn the patient about the dangerous problem.

Irregularity in urination

Pain In The Back Body

The problem of Cervical Cancer also leads to generation of intense back pain in the body. It leads to sudden discomfort and thus the patient is not able to sit properly. There can be various other reasons for back pain. It is better to opt for medical checkup that can prove the presence of Cervical Cancer.

Pain in the back body

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