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10 Exercises To Take Care Of Tennis Elbows

10 Exercises To Take Care Of Tennis Elbows

Lateral Epicondylitis, also commonly known as the Tennis elbow is basically the inflammation of the forearm muscles that stretch from the forearm to the elbow. It is nothing but an overuse injury which is caused by the action of repetition. It is very common in the racquet sports players but in common workplaces also today like carpenters, plumbers, painter etc. or people who have a lot of work with their hands it can be easily seen. Even many a housewives are facing this issue and facing a severe issue of the same. Symptoms of the same can be seen over time and they may worsen with time thereafter.
There are a number of exercises which help to strengthen the elbow and relieve a person from the serious issues of the tennis elbow.

Some Of These Exercises Are As Follows:

1. Squeezing The Ball

Take a tennis ball in the hand you are feeling problem in, and then make a tight fist around the ball. Then, try to squeeze the ball for about 5-6 seconds with pressure and then relax for 10-12 seconds. Repeat this exercise for about 9-10 times a day and do this alternatively with both the hands one by one.

Squeezing The Ball

2. Curling The Biceps

Sit in a little leaning position keeping your legs slightly spread and then place your right hand on the right leg and left arm on the left leg. Now, hold the weight with the arm horizontally and then curl the weight up towards your chest. Now, do this with your left arm and alternatively repeat this for about 10-12 times from both arms in a set. Do about 3 sets in a day.

Curling The Biceps

3. Curling The Wrist

In this exercise, you need to put the forearm on the table and only the hand should be left hanging ahead of the table. Take a 2-3 pounds weight from home in your hand and move the arms up and down. Repeat this for 10-12 times and then do this with the other hand. Do 3-4 sets of the same in a day.

Curling The Wrist

4. Deviation Of The Wrist

Sit in a position that one of your arm is supported, but the hand should hang off the edge of the flat surface which you have kept for the support. Now, hold your hand out as if you are shaking hands with somebody. Move your hand down and then up. Repeatedly do this motion 9 to 13 times. Switch your arms. Try to do this exercise thrice with each of your hand.

Deviation Of The Wrist

5. Stretching The Forearm

Raise the arm which is affected to 90 degrees out in your front parallel to the floor, then, turn the hand in a way that thumb is pointing down, now, bend your wrist. With the unaffected hand, reach over and make a grab of the affected hand’s fingers. Then, slowly pull the fingers one by one to make a stretching action to your arm. Hold for about 35 seconds and do this twice or thrice a day.

Stretching The Forearm

6. Sword Drawing Exercise

Imagine you are about to draw a sword out of the case, lift your arm downwards and upwards towards the roof. Do at least 12-14 repetitions of the same in a day for effective results.

Sword Drawing Exercise

7. Curls In A Hammer Fashion

For this exercise, you need dumbbells. This exercise is basically to strengthen and thicken the muscles of the forearms, flexors, tendons and extensors. You need to stand straight and hold the dumbbells with both your arms. Then, move the arms in a fashion as you move when you hammer a nail. Do this alternatively with both your hands for about 12-14 times in a set. Do 3-4 sets of the same in a day.

Curls In A Hammer Fashion

8. Rhomboid Strengthening Exercise

This exercise although has directly nothing to do with the tennis elbow but indirectly all the muscles are interconnected in the body. This strengthening has practically been reported to help the medical condition effectively. For this exercise, you need to lie on your tummy, stretch the blades of the shoulders together, raise the arms away from face and hold for about 20 seconds.

Rhomboid Strengthening Exercise

9. Twisting The Towel

Take a towel, roll it up and hold with both the hands. Now, you need to twist the towel with one hand moving upside down and other moving downside up.

Twisting The Towel

10. Bending The Elbow

You need to stand straight. Now, bend your elbow down and then bend it upside to reach your face. Keep doing this for about 12-15 times with both the hands in a set and do 3 sets daily at least.

Bending The Elbow

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