Garlic 500 mg – 60 Veg Capsules

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  • Morpheme Remedies Garlic Extract is a dietary supplement that contains pure garlic extract.
  • This premium quality product contains a high concentration of active garlic compounds and is manufactured under strict guidelines.
  • It provides 500 mg of garlic extract in each serving and the enteric coating keeps the garlic breath under control.
  • Also, this product is 100% vegetarian and does not contain binders, fillers or common allergens.



Traditionally, garlic is taken for its therapeutic properties. This ensures that the nutritional integrity and quality of the herb remains intact. Regular intake of these capsules helps in improving overall health. Garlic extract is well-tolerated by the body and does not cause an adverse reaction.

Morpheme Garlic Extract is enriched with active garlic compounds that help sustain overall well-being. Each serving is equivalent to 500 mg of garlic. The supplement contains allicin an active bio-constituent present in garlic. Besides allicin, there are a number of other compounds that contribute to its therapeutic value.


  • Helps maintain the immune system and good for overall health.
  • Helps support cardiovascular and digestive system naturally
  • Known to support healthy flora in the colon.



Crushing or chopping garlic produces a compound called allicin. Most of the health benefits of garlic are due to this compound. Allicin is known to possess antihypertensive, antioxidant, nephroprotective and cardioprotective properties. [1]


Epidemiological studies suggest a correlation between reduced risk of progression of cardiovascular disease and garlic consumption. Both human and animal studies support the beneficial effect of daily garlic intake on cardiovascular health. [2]


The active compounds found in garlic are known to boost our immune system [3]. Allicin is a compound in garlic that has a range of biological properties. Allicin contains sulphur which gives garlic its distinctive taste and smell [4]. As allicin is unstable, it quickly converts to other stable compounds that are beneficial for health. These compounds help in improving the body’s disease-fighting response. Regular intake of garlic extract supplement is known to enhance the immune function and is believed to reduce the severity of cold and flu [5]



Allicin is odorous, an unstable compound that is generated when fresh garlic is crushed. Crushing or chopping activates allinase, an enzyme, which acts upon alliin a compound present in raw garlic and converts it into allicin.


Clinical studies have shown that consumption of garlic extract has no prominent side effect. Only on rare occasions, people experience stomach discomfort or flatulence, otherwise, the garlic supplement is well-tolerated.


Is Garlic capsule safe for consumption?

Garlic capsules are absolutely safe for consumption. They contain pure garlic extract. The chemical, additive and allergen free product is safe for prolonged use.

When can I expect result?

For optimal result, take garlic capsules daily according to direction.

Can I take Garlic capsules with other drugs and supplements?

Avoid garlic capsules if you are taking Isoniazid, NNRTIs and Saquinavir. Garlic tends to reduce the effectiveness of these medications. Garlic might interact with birth control pills, liver medications, drugs metabolized in the liver, anticoagulants and Cyclosporine. Consult your physician if you are on any of these aforementioned drugs before taking garlic capsules.

Are there any side effects of garlic?

Garlic is considered safe even for long-term use. However, as it thins the blood, it is advisable to avoid garlic for at least two weeks prior and after a surgery.

  1. amarjeet

    I have tried this garlic supplement for lowering my high blood pressure. This product work in effective way that’s why I am using it continuously.

  2. Mohan_Nair

    A great supplement. It has worked wonders for me. It has reduced my high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure. The best part of this garlic supplement is that is contains all the good health benefits of garlic without the nasty garlic odor.

  3. Shilpa

    I am aware of the health benefits of garlic. But I dislike the pungent taste of raw garlic and the lingering garlic breath. So I have selected this garlic supplement that gives me all the benefits of garlic without leaving the unpleasant aftertaste.

  4. Paresh

    This is a good quality garlic supplement. I am feeling lot more healthier after taking this product.

  5. Abhi

    This is the best way to enjoy the benefits of garlic without worrying about garlic breath.

  6. Inesh

    I am taking garlic capsule for a month. It helped in strengthening my immune system and has been good for my overall health.

  7. Sadashiv

    Good garlic supplement. I feel better after taking it for over a week.

  8. Vivek

    I am taking these garlic capsules. It seems to have improved my health.

  9. Kalpana

    Good garlic capsule. No garlic breath. Working for me.

  10. Ketan

    Garlic is good for health. These capsules contain good quality garlic extract that works.

  11. Avinash

    Garlic capsule is beneficial for health. I take these quality garlic capsules. They are quite effective.

  12. Divya

    Enjoying the benefits of garlic without bothering about the garlic breath. The capsule is easy to swallow.

  13. Udayan

    This is a good garlic supplement. It didn’t cause garlic breath. Good for my health.

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Supplement Info

Serving size: 1 Veg capsule Servings per container: 60
Amount Per Serving
Garlic (Allium Sativum Linn (Bulb) Extract) 500mg.
** Daily value not established
Other Ingredients: Capsule(Vegetarian Capsule),100% Vegetarian. No Fillers, binders or common Allergens. Directions: 1 Capsule twice daily after meals


You can take one Garlic Capsule one to two times a day before meals or as suggested by your physician.Safety Information: Lactating or pregnant women, people susceptible to hypoglycemia, diabetics and individuals with any medical condition should consult a medical practitioner before taking the dietary supplement.

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