Bacopa (Brahmi) 60 Veg Caps

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  • Morpheme Remedies Bacopa Monnieri is known for stimulating the brain cells and nerves.
  • These capsules contain pure extract of Brahmi which maintains your equilibrium.
  • Also, it has several rejuvenating properties which helps you to calm your body and mind.
  • Morpheme Remedies Bacopa Monnieri is extremely beneficial if taken on a daily basis without fail to maintain the tranquility of the mind and body in today’s high-stress environments.
  • It is believed to keep the mind alert and awake which helps you to function better.
  • This product is completely natural with no additives, fillers or artificial colours.



Benefits Of Brahmi Capsules

May Improve Alertness And Memory

In today’s fast-paced lives, it is hard to keep up with a lot of things irrespective of the number of to-do lists one makes, the mind is occupied with a number of tasks. In that rush we forget a lot of important chores that need to be completed and deadlines that have to be met. Brahmi capsules may help energize your brain cells which keep them active. It may help you think faster and concentrate on your work and studies.

May Help Manage Stress And Relaxes The Mind

Brahmi in the Ayurvedic context is very effective in calming the mind and body with long term effects.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I store these capsules?

These capsules should be stored in a cool and dry environment. It should be kept away from direct sunlight and any kind of moisture.

Is this product Vegetarian?

Yes, this product is 100% vegetarian.

Does it have any side-effects?

No, this product is completely natural with no additives, fillers or artificial colours. It is usually considered to be safe for all.

Can it be taken if you are pregnant or nursing?

Before taking it one should seek advice from a medical professional and not combine it with any other medicine without proper guidance.


Is Bacopa (Brahmi) safe for consumption?

Bacopa is well-tolerated by children and adults. It does not cause any side effect even when taken for a prolonged period. In addition, Morpheme Remedies Bacopa supplement has been manufactured in good quality facilities in accordance with the good manufacturing practices guidelines. Hence, the supplement is safe for consumption.

When can I expect result?

With regular use, according to direction, you can experience the benefits of the herb within 2 to 3 weeks. For best result, follow a healthy lifestyle.

Can I take Bacopa with other drugs and supplements?

No adverse reaction has been reported till date by taking Bacopa with other drugs and supplements.

When should I avoid Bacopa?

People with slow heart rate, asthma, blockage in intestines and urinary tract, ulcers and thyroid problems should seek their physician’s advice before taking Bacopa.

  1. Anshul

    Excellent product. It really improve memory. Good product for every age people.

  2. Lalit

    It gives a noticeable boost to my memory. This product is working very well for me. I am satisfied with my purchase.

  3. Sachet

    Great for helping to improve memory. Good quality and effective product for memory enhancement !!!!

  4. Lakshmi

    Very effective herbal product to improve memory. I suggest take the pills daily for the quick results.

  5. mayukh

    I must say this is an impressive herb. I must admit that I was a bit skeptic when I started taking this supplement. But after taking it daily for about two weeks, I started noticing improvement in my memory. I can now recall and retain information easily. It also helped in reducing my stress.

  6. Ashu

    This is my first product which I have purchased on this website. Before taking this I have been fighting a bit to understand mathematical calculus concepts. I always felt difficulties in understating calculus. But after taking these pills, I have felt more focused and concentrated. Now, it is much easier for me to understand these concepts. I am fully satisfied with my purchase.

  7. Girish

    Brahmi helped in calming my mind and increasing concentration.

  8. Nagesh

    I bought this Brahmi product for my son. He feels that it has helped in improving his concentration and memory.

  9. Pranav

    I feel calm and my focus has improved with the help of this brahmi supplement. I am taking it for 6 weeks.

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Supplement Info

Serving size: 1 Veg capsule Servings per container: 60 Each 500 mg capsule contains: Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) leaves extract
Serving Size: 1 Veg Capsule
Amount Per Serving
Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri linn.) (Leaves) Extract 500mg.
** Daily value not established
Directions: Preferably take 1-2 capsule after meals twice daily, or as directed by the physician.

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