Morpheme Remedies Phyllanthus Niruri Bhumyamlaki 500 mg – 60 Veg Capsules

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Phyllanthus niruri is known as Bhumyamlaki in Sanskrit and Chanca Piedra in Spanish. Morpheme Remedies Phyllanthus Niruri is a premium quality product. Free from additives, fillers, binders, contaminants and synthetic substances, each Phyllanthus Niruri capsule contains pure Phyllanthus niruri extract sourced from the best quality plants. This is a safe and effective product.


Phyllanthus Niruri grows throughout the tropical and subtropical regions. Researchers have identified over 50 compounds in the plant. Studies have shown that Phyllanthus niruri inhibits formation of calcium oxalate crystals possibly by increasing the concentration of powerful calcium oxalate stone inhibitors called glycosaminoglycans (CAGs). The hepatoprotective activity of the herb is supported by a number of studies.


Morpheme Phyllanthus Niruri (Bhumyamlaki) capsules contains Bhumyamlaki (500 mg.) (Phyllanthus niruri) (Plant) Extract.


– Helps in improving digestion
– Supports normal detoxification processes


Take 1 Veg Capsule 1-2 Times a Day after meals or as directed by healthcare professional.


Is Phyllanthus Niruri safe for consumption?

For centuries, Phyllanthus Niruri has been used in the traditional medicines of India, America and Africa. Modern studies have not reported any toxicity following consumption of the herb. Morpheme Remedies Phyllanthus Niruri capsules have been manufactured according to the good manufacturing practices guidelines, which ensures that the herbal product is of the best quality. Hence, you can take Phyllanthus Niruri capsules without worrying about adverse reactions.

When can I expect result?

The herb acts gradually. By taking the herbal capsules daily according to instruction you can experience the benefits within a few weeks.

Can I take this product with other medicines and supplements?

Although Phyllanthus Niruri does not interact with other medications and supplements, it is advisable to consult your healthcare professional before taking this supplement if you are on anti-diabetes medication or lithium.

Who should avoid Phyllanthus Niruri?

This product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    After an ultrasound test detected small stones in my left kidney, before going for a surgery, I wanted try a natural remedy to eliminate the stones. Following an Ayurvedic physician’s advice I started to take Phyllanthus niruri capsules. After 3 weeks most of the stones had vanished and the remaining 2 had shrunk in size and after 3 more weeks I was completely cured.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    Phyllanthus niruri is good for the liver health. The quality of this supplement is good. I am taking it for quite sometime. It seems to help.

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Supplement Info

Serving size: 1 Veg capsule
Servings per container: 60

Amount Per Serving
Bhumyamlaki (Phyllanthus niruri) (Plant) Extract 500mg.
** Daily value not established
Directions: 1 Capsule twice daily after meals


Facilitates elimination of kidney and bladder stones:

Studies have revealed that the alkaloids present in Phyllanthus niruri have strong antispasmodic property. The antispasmodic activity of the herb on the smooth muscles of the urinary and biliary tracts helps in eliminating stones from the kidneys and gallbladder. (Calixto JB et al. “Antispasmodic effects of an alkaloid extracted from Phyllanthus sellowianus: a comparative study with papaverine.” Braz J Med Biol Res. 1984).

Research in inhibiting formation of kidney stones:

Phyllanthus niruri inhibits growth of calcium oxalate crystals by increasing the concentration of compounds that inhibit crystallization of calcium oxalate in the calculi. Hence, the herb facilitates dissolution of kidney stones and inhibits further formation of the renal stones. (Freitas AM et al. “The effect of Phyllanthus niruri on urinary inhibitors of calcium oxalate crystallization and other factors associated with renal stone formation.” BJU Int. 2002 Jun).

Research in inhibiting activity of hepatitis B virus:

Researchers have identified an active compound in Phyllanthus niruri with anti-hepatitis B virus activity. It inhibits replication of the hepatitis B virus and enhances liver function. (Liu S et al. “In vitro and in vivo anti-hepatitis B virus activities of the lignan niranthin isolated from Phyllanthus niruri L.” J Ethnopharmacol. 2014 Sep).

Research in reducing risk of liver damage:

The hepatoprotective property of Phyllanthus niruri is supported by several studies. Studies have revealed that the herb helps in arresting progression of liver cirrhosis. (Amin ZA, et al. “Protective Role of Phyllanthus niruri Extract Thioacetamide-Induced Liver Cirrhosis in Rat Model.” Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2012). Furthermore, it helps in destroying the cancer cells in the liver and protects the normal cells of the liver from the toxic substances that cause liver cancer. (de Araujo Junior RF et al. “A dry extract of Phyllanthus niruri protects normal cells and induces apoptosis in human liver carcinoma cells.” Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2012 Nov).

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