Bhringraja Eclipta Alba 500 mg – 60 Veg Capsules

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  • Bringing forward the goodness of Bhringraj (also called Eclipta Alba) in the form of a capsule, Morpheme Remedies Bhringraja (Eclipta Alba) 500mg extract provides an effective and efficient solutions for your hair problems.
  • Manufactured in GMP certified facility under strict hygienic conditions, each vegetarian capsule of Morpheme Bhringraj capsule contains the highest quality Eclipta Alba extract.
  • Containing the Bhringraj Ayurvedic herb in its purest form, the capsule may assist in controlling of hair fall, premature greying.
  • Morpheme Remedies Bhringraja (Eclipta Alba) 500mg extract is devoid of any additives, filler, contaminants, preservatives, binders and other synthetic substances.



Hair fall, premature graying, dandruff and split ends are only some of the hair related issues that plague a lot of men and women these days. Blame it on unhealthy lifestyles or excessive stress, hair related issues have become quite common with a lot of people today. While there are many oils, shampoos, conditioners and other hair treatment products in the market that claim to stop these issues, there is one supplement that is believed to improve the hair health. And that product is the Morpheme Remedies Bhringraja (Eclipta Alba) 500mg Extract Capsule.

Benefits Of Bhringraj Extracts For Hair

Immense Nutritional Value

Bhringraj extract contains vital nutrients. It also contains therapeutic properties, which provide relaxation to the scalp [1], thereby reducing hair fall and premature ageing caused by stress.

Remedy For Hair Fall

Stress is one of the main causes for hair fall today. [2] In addition to reducing stress related hair fall, Bhringraj extract contains vital nutrients that can replenish the nutrients in both the scalp and hair, thereby reducing hair fall considerably.

Stimulated Hair Growth

Studies have suggested that the Eclipta Alba extract can promote hair growth by stimulating the production of new hair follicles. These studies also reveal that the herb reduces the time taken for the entire hair growth process, right from the initiation stage to the completion stage, thereby promoting fast hair growth. [3]

Vital Hair And Scalp Nourishment

Bhringraj extract has a soothing effect on the scalp. [4] In addition to improving blood circulation on the scalp, it may also help in stimulating the scalp for fresh hair growth.

May Help Reduce Scalp Itchiness

Lack of proper hygiene and increased humidity can lead to issues like scalp itchiness. Eclipta Alba extract contains anti-inflammatory properties [5] which help to detoxify the scalp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bhringraj safe for consumption?

Bhringraj is a 100% natural supplement for your hair which does not cause any side effects at all when taken in accordance with the directions provided. Free from any synthetic ingredients, the extract is usually considered safe.

Can I take the Bhringraj capsules with other drugs and supplements?

Bhringraj is an Ayurvedic supplement. You can take it with other supplements and drugs without worrying about side effects.

Can I increase the dosage to experience faster results?

The standard dosage for Bhringraj capsules is 1-2 capsules a day. If you wish to increase the dosage, kindly consult a healthcare professional beforehand for proper guidance.

When can I expect positive results?

Regular consumption of Morpheme Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba) 500mg Extract capsules can result in you noticing desirable results within a few months. Continue to take the tablets to achieve the desired results.


Is Bhringraja safe for consumption?

Bhringraja is absolutely safe for consumption and does not cause any adverse side effect when taken according to direction. Moreover, the high-end manufacturing process of the supplement eliminates any risk of toxicity due to presence of contaminants. Morpheme Remedies Bhringraja is a high quality product, free from synthetic ingredients.

When can I expect result?

You may expect to notice the benefits of the Bhringraja by taking the herbal capsules daily according to direction within a few weeks.

Can I take Bhringraja with other drugs and supplements?

Yes you can take this ayurvedic supplement with other drugs and supplements.

  1. Manu00

    I have used number of products but does not get the working remedy for my hair loss. My friend recommends me this herbal product and I am using it from last 3 months. It is much better than other harmful products in the market. Very helpful in hair loss reduction.

  2. Rahul1

    I began taking Bhringraja three months ago. After two weeks my hair fall declined dramatically. After a month, I noticed new hair re-growing on my scalp. This is a wonderful herb. It gave me back my lost hair.

  3. umesh.rao

    I love this product. It has stopped hair fall and promoted hair re-growth. I have been taking it for a few months. Now I have thick and strong hair.

  4. Mansi

    Bhrigraja capsules have helped in arresting hair fall and improved hair growth. After taking these capsules for about 6 months now have thicker and stronger hair.

  5. Hritish

    This product helped in reducing my hair fall. I am still taking it with the hope that my hair will become thicker and stronger.

  6. Jaya

    Took this for my hair fall. After two months, it has helped in arresting excess hair fall.

  7. Sasikumar Koonisetty

    Just started taking it… Yet to see the results…Will post the updates..

  8. Sujay

    It has helped strengthen my hair roots. My hair fall is now less.

  9. Nish

    Taking this product for 2 months. It has helped in reducing hair fall.

  10. Ila

    These Bhringaraja capsules have helped in promoting hair growth.

  11. Reema

    The Bhringaraja capsules have helped in arresting hair loss and are promoting hair re-growth.

  12. Bhawna

    These capsules are helping in hair re-growth. There is fewer hair fall after I started taking this product.

  13. Shreedhar

    These capsules contain good quality Bhringraja extract. It helped in arresting hair loss.

  14. Medha

    Bhringraja capsules have helped in arresting excess hair fall. I am taking it for 8 weeks.

  15. Shreya

    Bhringraja helped reduce hair fall. I’m noticing new hair growth.

  16. Kamya

    Worried by excessive hair fall, I started taking Bhringaraja capsules. After 3 weeks I am noticing fewer hair fall.

  17. Hema

    Troubled by excess hair fall I started taking this product. It is helping in hair re-growth. There is less hair fall. My hair has become stronger.

  18. Sonakshi

    The quality of the bhringraja extract is excellent. After taking it daily for 6 weeks, I am noticing new hair growth. It has helped arrest excessive hair fall.

  19. Anjan

    I’m noticing hair re-growth after taking this Bhringraja supplement for over a month. It helped in decreasing excess hair fall.

  20. Ekta

    This supplement is helping in hair growth. There is less hair breakage and the texture of my hair has improved.

  21. Himanshu

    This product helped in arresting excess hair loss. I am noticing new hair growth. Taking this product for over 6 weeks.

  22. Chetna

    These capsules helped in improving the health of my hair. My hair is slowly regaining its appearance, becoming darker and stronger. There is less hair fall and am noticing hair re-growth.

  23. Ashita

    There is improvement in hair texture after taking these capsules. They seem to be helping in hair growth.

  24. Jayita

    Hair growth seems to have improved by taking this capsule. It helped reduce thinning of hair.

  25. Dhanashri

    I’m taking Bhringraja capsules daily for two months. The result has impressed me. It helped reduce thinning of my hair. I could see new hair re-growing.

  26. Juhi

    These capsules are supporting faster hair growth. It has been over 8 weeks that I’m taking this product,

  27. Namrata

    After taking this product daily for 6 weeks I’m noticing hair re-growth. It seems to help.

  28. Gargi

    Bhringraja capsule helped in improving hair growth. I’m noticing new hair growth after taking it for over a month. My hair appear bit more healthier.

  29. Pankaja

    The quality of the Bhringraja extract is good. It is helping in hair growth. I’m taking it for 2 months.

  30. Dhruv

    These Bhringraja capsules have been quite effective in promoting hair re-growth. I’ll continue taking them as per instruction.

  31. Sangeeta

    Taking these capsules for a month. Hair fall has decreased and the texture of my hair seems to have improved.

  32. Suhas

    Hair growth has improved after I started taking this product. Noticing result after a month. Will continue taking it.

  33. Neha

    This product helped promote hair growth. It helped reduce excessive hair fall. My hair is slowly regaining its normal shade.

  34. Anika

    Helping in hair growth. Hair looks healthier.

  35. Sachi

    These bhringraja capsules are helping in hair growth. Taking them for over 2 months.

  36. Amitosh

    Hair looks better and noticing fewer hair fall.

  37. Varun

    This product has helped in reduced hair fall. Hair is slowly growing back.

  38. Revati

    This supplement has helped in strengthening my hair and reduced hair fall. A quality product for hair problems.

  39. Asima

    Taking this supplement for two weeks. It seems to have helped in improving my hair health. Hair fall is now less and hair looks smoother.

  40. Hema

    I found this bhringraja supplement quite effective in promoting hair growth.

  41. Madhuparna

    This is a good supplement for hair. After using it for about 2 months, my hair has becoming healthier and is growing well. There is less hair fall.

  42. Manish

    This is an effective product for arresting excess hair loss. It started showing result in a short time.

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Supplement Info

Serving size: 1 Veg capsule Servings per container: 60
Amount Per Serving
Bhringraja (500 mg.) (Eclipta Alba linn.) (Plant) Extract 500mg.
** Daily value not established
Ingredients: Each bottle of Morpheme Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba) 500mg Extract contains 60 vegetarian capsules of pure, high quality Eclipta Alba extract. Directions: The standard dosage for Morpheme Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba) 500mg Extract is 1 capsule taken 1-2 times day. It is considered wise to consult with a healthcare professional before increasing or decreasing the dosage.

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