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Top 15 Benefits Of Lemon Myrtle

Benefits Of Lemon Myrtle

Lemon myrtle fits to the kinfolk of myrtaceae found in the subtropical forest of Australia. The name lemon myrtle mirrors the smell of lemon leaves that is why it is called lemon myrtle. Other common names for lemon myrtle are sweet verbena, verbena, lemon scented verbena, scented backhousia. With its anti-oxidant material and healing properties lemon myrtle has many benefits for health. It also contains many minerals like calcium, zinc, magnesium and has anti-bacterial properties.

Some Of The Best Benefits Of Lemon Myrtle Are:

Potent Anti-Septic Healing

Lemon myrtle has a strong virus destroying agent which treats different diseases and colds like sore throat, gastro infections, fevers, muscle cramps and tremors in the body. It’s potent anti-septic exterminates the cells carrying infected micro-organisms in the body.

Brain Health

Removes Facial Bacteria

Using lemon myrtle balms is very healthy in effective treating of facial bacteria causing acne. Taking lemon myrtle tea is also healthy in elevating headaches, cold sores, warts, nasal problems.


Anti-cancer and Anti-tumor

Clinical usage suggests that lemon myrtle has anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties and is useful in healing cancer.

Prevents Cancer

Skin Healing For Kids

Children’s are prone to getting infected with various kinds of skin disease and other infections during childhood. Various studies have revealed that skin disease molluscum collusion, which affects children during childhood in the form of lesions of skin, can be healed with use of lemon myrtle oil.

Skin Healing For Kids

Essential Oil With Wonders

The oil has a scent which makes you feel fresh aftermath use or before bath use. It has a aromatic essence giving you complete spa feeling. Hence you can use it for getting a fresh-like feel from inside of your body.

Essential Oil With Wonders

Cures Chest Congestion

The oil can be best used during cold to treat chest congestion. Regular use of lemon myrtle balms or oil removes the blockages in the lungs relieving the chest coughs. In addition to treating molluscum collision in children’s, the lemon myrtle oil has been used as a sense provoking oil. One can use the oil by dabbing it in cotton and smelling the oil which has healing power of opening up the lock senses like nose and making your breath very pleasant.

Chest Pain

Gives Harmonious Sleep

Every days work and tensions can beat the body and mind with a lot of stress and tensions making one feel sleepless or dreamless. A peaceful sleep is very important for symphonic balance of the body, mind and soul. Lemon myrtle has been found to be a great stress reliever and induces calming sleep and relaxation. It’s not the bath that can make you feel fresh but also the air that you breathe. One can either massage the oil in the head before going to sleep or smell the perfumed essential oil fragrance which has very soothing effects and upliftment.

Get Proper Rest And Sleep

Gives You Shine Teeth

Everyone loves a beautiful smile with pearly white teeth which shines like a set of pearls. Now you can have one with the help of lemon myrtle. Lemon myrtle toothpaste is very effective in removing the yellowness from the tooth making it clear white. It cleanses the mouth and removes various infections and bacteria’s infesting inside the mouth. Lemon myrtle oil can also be rubbed on the tooth with circular motion after brushing giving it added shine and polish.

Whiten Your Teeth

Cures Mouth Ulcers And Tooth Ache

Other health issues like mouth ulcers, bad breath, and tooth ache can also be healed with lemon myrtle use.

Tooth Ache

Cures Asthma

Asthma patients can now use lemon myrtle oil which has been found very helpful in widening the air passage of nostrils and lungs which gets blocked. Taking hot steam with lemon myrtle is very beneficial as not only opens up the blockage but also gives a renewed feeling.


Cures Arthritis Problem

Arthritis can now be healed with the use of lemon myrtle oil which has been found to be very helpful in reducing the swelling in the joints and relieving knee pain.

Fights Arthritis

Foot Healing

Lemon myrtle is very useful in healing the athlete’s foot a common infection on foot. The anti-bacterial properties & cleansing agents are very effective in cleaning the foot of dirt and other infections.

Foot Healing

Removes Body Spasms

Lemon myrtle is very good in treating spasms in the body which causes pain and lack of movements. Regular massaging of lemon myrtle oil is very good for relieving pain and nerves which are sleeping.

Alleviates Menopause Pain

Cures Pimples And Acne

Due to the antiseptic nature present in this herb, this can be used for healing the pimples, acne, and other skin related issues.


Eliminates Many Diseases

It has its usage in blending many beverages like mock tails and also used as herbal teas. Drinking this tea can cure allergies, gastric disturbances, colds, sore throats, and infections.

Protects Against Infections

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