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Top 10 Pregnancy Diet Foods To Eat And Avoid While Pregnant


Pregnancy is a gift to women as they are blessed with this property. It is a certain phase of life when there are many things to be learned and avoid for the betterment of both mother and child. Mothers should always be aware of the type of food items that is being consumed. Consumption of poor food items can hamper the overall health of the new born. Thus make sure to avoid the food items that are dangerous for both mother and child. All of these food items are very perfect for other people but can create trouble for the pregnant ladies.

Pregnancy Diet Foods To Eat While Pregnant:

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits such as nuts, raisins and various other dry fruits are very essential during the pregnancy days. These dry fruits are very perfect to add minerals, vitamins, calcium and potassium to the body. They will help in maintaining the energy levels in the body and thus avoid tiredness. They are best source of omega three fatty acids required for the baby growth.

Dry fruits


Yogurt is one perfect kind of food item that should be consumed during pregnancy periods as it will provide good kind of bacteria in the stomach. The good form of bacteria will avoid the bad bacteria to cause serious health issues. Calcium that is present in yogurt will work perfectly to strengthen the bones of the new baby.


Green Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables are great source of vitamins as well as minerals, which are very much necessary for best health of mother. Dark green leafy vegetables can create miracles to provide necessary amount of antioxidants to the human body. It will also enhance the immunity of the body and avoids health issues.

Green Leafy Vegetables


Various kinds of fruits are also required for maintaining proper health of mother and child. Fruits are best source of vitamins, minerals and calcium. They provide the necessary kind of energy that is required in the body. Fruits will also help in maintaining the water content of the body and help in staying hydrated. Consume best types of fruits during entire pregnancy days.

Eat More Of Fruits

Pregnancy Diet Foods To Avoid While Pregnant


Cheese is common type of food items that are used as toppings on various sorts of foods. Cheese can prove to be very dangerous for pregnant women. It is thus advised to avoid such types of food items during the entire period of pregnancy. Cheese can lead to certain types of illness that is avoided during pregnancy. All varieties of cheese should be avoided at any cost.



The tasty mouth licking seafood can be very dangerous during pregnancy periods as there is lot of health issues associated with it. The mercury content of the seafood items can hamper the mother and child. It is thus advised for the mother to stay away from these kinds of food items at least for the time period of nine months. Fish items such as salmon should be specifically avoided. Mother’s are sure to face severe consequences during delivery time.



Alcohol can be the worst thing that is consumed for various purposes. Pregnant mothers should stay away from all these kinds of stuffs as they are a kind of poison for the entire body. Alcohol has lots of bad constituents that need to be dumped at this point of time. Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy days will surely hamper the growth of the new born. Children are also born with various birth defects. Mothers are supposed to suffer from various complexities during labor time.

Avoid alcohol

Raw Meat

Raw meat is served in various manner and they are considered as one type of dish. It is very much wrong to use raw meat for pregnant women as they can generate huge types of health issues. Raw meat such as improper cooked beef and other meat is a serious health issue for pregnant women. Next time stay away from the various types of dishes that use raw and undercooked form of red meat.

Lean Meat


Sprouts that are generally consumed during breakfast time in order to add on energy to the body should be avoided by pregnant ladies. Different kinds of sprouts are believed to carry dangerous bacteria that are not good for child and mother. Avoid all kinds of sprouts at least during the nine months of pregnancy. Beans sprouts, alfalfa sprouts and zesty sprouts should be avoided at any cost.



Coffee is considered as the best stimulant that helps the brain to stay alert. This can thus hamper the resting capability of the mind for pregnant women. Rest is very much required during pregnancy days and thus consumption of coffee should be avoided for the nine months. The caffeine content can also hamper the health of mother and the child. Try to avoid coffee for fixed period of time till the pregnancy period is over.


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