Wheatgrass Extract – 60 Veg Capsules

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  • Morpheme Remedies WheatGrass Extract contains wheatgrass extract.
  • Each capsule is 100% vegetarian.
  • It may help in increasing energy and immunity.
  • This product is free from fillers, common allergens and binders.
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Wheatgrass is the main ingredient of this product. It is a rich source of minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, and certain enzymes. Wheatgrass also contains Vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin, niacin and pantothenic acid. [1] Overall, wheatgrass offers a lot of goodness and helps increase and sustain energy with these naturally occurring components. A powerful leafy green, wheatgrass, is naturally endowed to help body detoxification, thereby boosting immune system. These capsules aid easy consumption for those who find difficulty in taking green drinks and yet want to experience the benefits of wheatgrass.

Why Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is derived from the first leaves of common wheat plant. It is usually consumed as freeze dried or fresh. It is taken in the form of juice, dietary supplement or as food. [1] Mainly, wheatgrass is a key source of nutrients such as vitamin A, C, and E, iron, calcium, amino acids and magnesium.  It is also used as a flavor component in health drinks and other foods and beverages.  [2]


Are there any side-effects to this product?

Since this product is made of natural ingredients such as wheatgrass, it may not have any obvious side-effects. Yet, it is better to consult a physician before consuming it. Special precautions need to be taken by pregnant women and those who are breast-feeding as its precise workings on people in these conditions have not been mentioned. Wheatgrass may also reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics. Hence, careful monitoring of its effects on people with this condition must be done. Those who have undergone any surgery or are about to should note the effect of wheatgrass on health as it might lower blood sugar levels and can tamper with blood sugar control through and post surgery. Wheatgrass consumption must be stopped at least two weeks prior to surgery. [2]

Can more than prescribed dosage be taken?

There is not much scientific proof to determine the range of right dosage for wheatgrass. So, it is pertinent that one should follow the directions provided on the product label or follow physician’s prescription. The right dosage will differ depending on factors such as age, health and other issues of the user. [2]

  1. Aman

    Wheatgrass is a wonderful natural product. It is loaded with nutrients that help significantly to boost stamina, strengthen the immune system and more. Daily I take 2 wheatgrass capsules.

  2. Geet

    Wheatgrass capsules are a good alternative to wheatgrass juice that I find unpalatable. Wheatgrass worked wonders for my health.

  3. Samarjit

    I feel my energy level has increased after taking this supplement for a week. Good quality product.

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Supplement Info

Serving size: 1 Veg capsules Servings per container: 60
Amount Per Serving
% Daily Value
Wheat Grass (Triticum sativum) (Leaves) Extract 500mg. **
** Daily value not established
Other Ingredients: Capsule(Vegetarian Capsule), 100% Vegetarian. No Fillers, binders or common Allergens. Directions: One veg capsule must be taken twice a day after meals or as directed by the physician.


1. I have gluten or wheat allergy can I take Wheatgrass supplements?

Wheatgrass is harvested much before its turns into grain. Gluten is not present in this stage. It is quite rare for individuals, who are allergic to wheat to show any reaction, as they are generally allergic to gluten that is found in the kernel of wheat. In case, you cannot consume gluten then it is suggested to check with a physician before taking this supplement just in case.

2. I consume lots of vegetables and fruits, should I take Wheatgrass too?

Unfortunately, the vegetables and fruits grown commercially use insecticides, fungicides, pesticides and artificial fertilisers and also the soil they are grown in is deficient of minerals. So, your body does not get adequate nutrients. Hence, it is prudent to take wheatgrass supplements to fill in the nutrition deficit.

3. Could Wheatgrass help me in my dieting?

Certainly! Blood circulation and metabolism of the body is enhanced, which helps the body to burn off excess fat.

4. I am pregnant. Can I take Wheatgrass supplements?

Wheatgrass is quite good for prenatal care because it provides essential nutrients like folic acid, chlorophyll and antioxidants. Although there are many women who take wheatgrass supplements before, during as well as after pregnancy, it is important to double-check with your doctor before consuming them.

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