Pure ColdPressed Organic Neem Oil

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  • Morpheme Pure Organic Neem Oil is a high quality pure,solvent-free, organic and cold pressed oil.
  • The antibacterial property of this Neem Oil is efficacious against several types of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Its outstanding moisturizing and nourishing nature revitalize damaged skin and hair, foster well-toned skin and shiny and supple hair.
  • This product is devoid of Mineral oil, Paraben, Sulphate, Silicon, colors, and artificial fragrances. And is safe, appropriate for all types of hair.



Morpheme Pure Organic Neem Oil is an extraordinary makeup and remedial product for everyone’s household. Neem Oil is known to combat various skin and body disorders and infections. It fosters a healthy body and well-toned skin and works as an anti-aging product. It eases inflammation, reduces dandruff, smoothes frizz, nourishes scalp and hair, and is believed to promote hair growth.


  • Neem is known to be a panacea for a number of health problems. Thus, in India, it is referred to as the “Village Pharmacy”.
  • Neem Oil contains several extraordinary antioxidants such as carotenoids, Vitamin E and Azadirachtin to counterbalance reactive oxygen species and inhibit the development of various diseases.
  • Its strong anti-fungal property helps fight 14 types of fungal infections that affect the human body.
    Neem Oil’s wound healing and anti-inflammatory nature enhance the tensile strength of the healing tissue and foster rapid wound healing activity. [1]
  • Neem Oil is an excellent anti-viral agent. It helps to thwart viruses from contaminating the uninfected cells. [2]
  • It is an effective insecticide. It eliminates head lice, maggots, and mites.
  • Neem Oil’s regenerating nature helps people suffering from alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness and promotes hair growth. [3]


Neem Oil is extracted from the fruit and seed kernels of the Neem tree, Azadirachta indica. Neem Oil comprises alkaloids, flavonoids, triterpenoids, phenolic compounds, carotenoids, steroids, ketones, Vitamin E and many biologically active compounds such as Azadirachtin A-G and Azadirachtin E, Salanin, Nimbin, Nimbidin.

Neem Oil is effectual on both dry skin and oily skin. The vitamins and fatty acids present in Neem Oil penetrate into the skin and helps in reducing moisture loss. It hydrates dry and damaged skin, invigorates skin cells, and revamps flexibility. Vitamin E’s antioxidant property neutralizes free radicals and fosters a supple skin.

Neem Oil’s anti-inflammatory compounds Nimbin and Nimbidin help mitigate swelling and redness and provide a soothing effect. Neem Oil boosts the body’s immune system to combat inflammation by regulating the histamines and other irritants. It helps stimulate the T-cell production, which aids in destroying harmful microbes and killing infected cells. Neem’s cell-mediated immune response helps thwart propagation of AIDS through sexual contact. [4]

Neem Oil stimulates Collagen production and helps fight against aging. It is known to alleviate the thinning of the skin, dryness, and wrinkles. The high amounts of antioxidants in Neem Oil shield skin from environmental damage. The carotenoids in Neem Oil protect the skin from free radicals that affect cell degeneration. The Vitamin E in Neem Oil nourishes the damaged skin and restores a youthful glow. [5]

Neem oil helps heal wounds, moles, and warts. The aspirin-like compound in Neem Oil helps fight against acne. The non-comedogenic nature of the fatty acids found in neem oil helps in inhibiting excess sebum from blocking the tiny openings on the skin and build up of bacteria that cause pimples and acne. [6][7][8]

Neem Oil is believed to be toxic against fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, ringworm, and intestinal tract fungus. It helps get rid of fungal infections of the bronchi, lungs, and mucous membrane. It exterminates candida, yeast-like fungus that causes lesions in mouth (thrush), vagina, skin, hands, and lungs. [9]

Neem Oil aids in neutralizing pathogens, chemicals, and debris to minimize the possibility of skin infection. It helps to peel off the dead skin, shrivel the pores, and guard against the development of pimples, laugh lines, and flaws. The anti-bacterial property of Neem Oil helps fight bacteria and averts periodontal issues, plaque, gingivitis, and bad breath, and promote oral hygiene. [10]

Neem Oil works as pre and posts coital contraceptive and prophylactic device. It helps foil unwanted pregnancies by making sperm cells immotile instantly. In post-coital cases, it averts fertilized egg from embedding in the uterus wall. However, it does not affect libido or sperm production. It is non-toxic, non-irritable and does not produce harmful effects on subsequent pregnancies or offspring.

Azadirachtin, in Neem Oil helps stop kissing bugs from transferring Trypanosoma cruzi, a parasite that causes Chaga’ disease. Neem Oil’s anti-inflammatory effect helps fight arthritis and ease pain and discomfort of the joints. The anti-viral property of Neem Oil is known to combat dengue fever and other viral infections such as Coxsackie B, Smallpox, chickenpox, and herpes virus. [11][12]

Neem Oil regulates the production of the sebum, unplugs the pores, cleanses the scalp, and is believed to inhibit inflammation of the scalp and hair loss. The vitamins and fatty acids in Neem Oil enhance the blood flow to the scalp, nourish the scalp and follicles, and promote hair growth. Neem Oil penetrates the cortex of the hair, forms a protective shield over the strands, locks moisture, hydrates the dry and damaged hairs, and fosters healthy locks. It makes hair glossy, thick, and manageable. Neem Oil is effectual against head lice and maggots. It also helps in relieving scabies, a contagious skin condition caused by Sarcoptes scabiei, a type of mite. [13][14]

The antifungal property of Neem Oil eradicates Malassezia fungus, which causes dandruff and hair loss.[15] It helps mitigate pricking and tenderness of psoriasis while alleviating skin eruptions and redness of the lesions. It also aids in dealing with scalp psoriasis, which sometimes results in permanent hair loss. Neem oil contains vitamin E. Vitamin E’s antioxidant nature neutralizes free radicals and thinning of hair caused due to oxidative stress, medication, and pollutants and can reduce hair loss. [16]

Neem Oil helps in alopecia and is known to promote re-growth of hair on bald patches. Its regenerative effect hastens the growth of follicles, fosters cell division, and minimizes balding spots. Neem Oil minimizes premature graying of hair caused due to hormone imbalance and other hair problems. [17][18]


Customer Video Review

  1. Aniketh

    This is top grade pure neem oil. I am using it for a few days for my dandruff problem. It is helping in reducing the dandruff and scalp itching.

  2. Anushri

    I’m using neem oil for skin fungal infection. It is helping in clearing the infection and reducing the itching and irritation.

  3. Gaurav

    This is pure organic neem oil. It helped reduce scalp itching and dandruff.

  4. Deepak

    From clearing dandruff to skin infection, neem oil is good for the skin and hair. This particular product is of the finest quality. I am using it for a week for my dandruff problem and it’s helping.

  5. Devam

    I apply neem oil to my scalp. It helped clear dandruff and relieved scalp itchiness.

  6. Namrata

    I’m using neem oil for my dandruff problem. It is helping in reducing excessive flaking and itching. Hair fall has lessened after I started using this oil.

  7. Sandeep

    Neem oil is of good quality. I use it for dandruff and it is helping.

  8. Anant

    Neem oil helped provide relief from itchy scalp and dandruff. Excellent quality oil.

  9. Prakash

    This is great for scalp care. This is excellent quality, pure neem oil.

  10. Sridhar

    Neem oil helped reduce scalp itching and flaking. Excellent quality

  11. Himanshu

    Neem oil helped relieve scalp itching and flaking. Really good quality oil.

  12. Arjun

    This neem oil is good for the skin. It helps relieve itching and rashes.

  13. Eashan

    This is pure neem oil. I mix it with my shampoo and it helps keep my hair dandruff free and diminishes scalp itching.

  14. Kapil

    I found this neem oil quite effective in reducing itchy skin. Excellent quality.

  15. Akaash

    This neem oil is brilliant. I used it on my scalp and it helped reduce itching and dandruff.

  16. Akash

    Using this pure neem oil for over 2 weeks. It helped with my dandruff problem and reduced breakouts on the scalp.

  17. Swati

    This oil is really effective in reducing dandruff. I’m using it for a month and satisfied with the result.

  18. Sumit

    This is great for dry scalp and dandruff. It is good for the skin. Keeps it clear and healthy.

  19. Archana

    This oil smells natural. It works great on both skin and hair. Good for reducing irritation, itching, flaking and other common skin issues.

  20. Eshaan

    I bought this for my dandruff problem. It started showing result in a few days. I also used it for itchy skin issues and it works.

  21. Amit

    Neem oil is known for its amazing benefits. However, its quality determines its effectiveness. I found this neem oil really good. It is pure, free from additives and works.

  22. Sushant

    This only drawback of neem oil is its unpleasant smell. But usually a small amount is enough for skin problems. This particular brand is excellent. I found it very effective for dandruff and skin issues.

  23. Kabir

    I am using this neem oil on my hair. It helped relieve scalp itching and reduced dandruff. A small amount of the oil is sufficient.

  24. Somesh

    This is a very good quality neem oil. I am using it for a skin problem. It works quite well. There are no synthetic additives.

  25. Manjul

    I use neem oil on my hair to reduce dandruff. It has helped so far. Just a small amount is usually sufficient for the purpose.

  26. Snehal

    Excellent product. Additive-free naturally produced neem oil. Works well.

  27. Animesh

    Applied neem oil on itchy areas of my body. It helped relieve the itching and hydrated the areas. This is pure neem oil.

  28. Vandana

    Neem oil is working as a natural fungicide. I am using this for a mild fungal infection of the nail and it has worked.

  29. Mrinank

    I use neem oil on scalp and body. It is effective in reducing itching and helps clear rashes.Excellent product.

  30. Anindita

    This is top grade neem oil. I apply a small amount to my skin. It helped in improving the health of my skin and helped clear rashes. Helps in relieving dandruff and scalp itching.

  31. Rohan

    Using neem oil for my stubborn dandruff problem. It is working for me.

  32. Sweta

    I’m using neem oil for stubborn dandruff problem. It helped reduce the itch and is slowly clearing the dandruff and improving the scalp and hair health.

  33. Shubendra

    Using this neem oil for skin problems. It helped in softening the rough areas and is slowly clearing the skin infection.

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Supplement Info

This oil contains Pure Organic Neem ColdPressed Oil (Azadirachta indica)


Take the required quantity of oil on your hands and Apply it on your hair and massage gently with your fingers until the oil soaks the roots of your hair. Leave it all night or for a few hours, and Rinse your hair with your preferred shampoo to Experience glossy, smooth, and bubbly hair.

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