Pure Sweet Almond Coldpressed Oil For Hair And Skin

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  • Morpheme Remedies Sweet Almond Cold Pressed Oil is an authentic product with many beauty benefits.
  • This is one of the best mild oils with nutty aroma of almonds and light texture.
  • Cold pressed sweet almond oil contains Vitamin E, which is a vital nutrient for protection and repair of skin cells and helps making dry skin soft and supple.
  • Regular application might remove fine lines appearing on the skin. Besides skin, it also helps improving hair texture and volume.
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Sweet almond oil is considered good for skin and hair. Morpheme Remedies Sweet Almond Cold Pressed oil is a high-quality oil for application over skin and hair. This oil has been extracted with cold pressed method in which nutrients of the almonds stay locked in the oil. In the refined oil, many nutrients go missing during the extraction process. That is why cold pressed oil is considered the best to be used for health and beauty purposes. You may use this oil directly on your skin or mix it with essential oils. This product is free from additives like artificial fragrance, sulfate, silicon, mineral oil and colors. It contains 100% sweet almond oil.

You Can Use Sweet Almond Cold Pressed Oil For Following Purposes

For Soft And Flawless Skin

Smooth flawless skin is desired by everyone, but not everyone has it. If you desire for soft and flawless skin and want to use natural products for this purpose, sweet almond oil is one of the best options. It has light texture and easily absorbed by the skin. Endowed with emollient properties, this oil moisturizes and hydrates dry skin very well.[1] [2] Enriched with vitamin E [3], which is an antioxidant element, sweet almond oil helps protect skin from oxidative stress caused by pollution and the UV rays of the sun. [4] [5]

For Improving Skin Tone

Due to its emollient property, almond oil has potential to improve skin tone and complexion. [6] Use of almond oil, protects skin from tanning. [7] Almond oil is known to remove existing skin tans and rejuvenate the photo aged skin. [8]

For Removing Makeup

Since sweet almond oil is lightweight oil and gets absorbed into the skin easily, it can be used for removing makeup. You can even remove under eye makeup with this oil. When you apply a few drops of the oil on the face, it penetrates into the makeup layer and dislodges the layer along with the dirt particles. The clogged pores open up and your facial skin feels light. When you remove makeup with the help of this oil, you also receive all the goodness of vitamin E. Vitamin E is good for repairing damage caused by the sun and pollution. [9]

For Removing Dark Circles

This oil helps you get rid of dark circles. Sweet almond oil is packed with benefits of vitamin E. [10] It is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce oxidative stress under the eyes. [11] It doesn’t mean that you are going to see the dark circles gone with one-time use. You need to apply oil regularly to see the difference. Since it is light textured oil and it gets absorbed into the skin, you can easily apply this oil under your eyes. It can also soothe puffy eyes. You just need to spare two minutes every night before going to bed, to reap the benefit of this oil.

For Removing Fine Lines

The appearance of fine lines on the face is obviously a matter of concern. If you want to save your skin from premature aging with affordable products, Sweet almond cold pressed oil is the best choice. With the power of vitamin E, it revives skin cells and fights UV damage and helps reduce fine lines. [12] [13]

For Shining Hair

Sweet almond oil brings shine to your dull hair. [14] The nutrients present in the oil nourish and moisturize the hair; nourished hair look shiny and thick. For this purpose, in the night, massage the oil into the scalp and apply on the hair length as well. In the morning, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Sweet almond oil, or even any other oil, doesn’t give you result overnight. You should continue the application of oil for a sufficient period of time to see the better results.

For Soft Hair

Sweet almond oil has the power to change the texture of hair. For this, use it as a leave-in conditioner; or massage your scalp and put the coating of oil on all over hair length to the tips, before one or two hours of shampooing.

You, Will, Find Sweet Almond Cold Pressed Oil Useful In Following Skin Conditions As Well

  • Almond oil delays aging of skin and helps keeping skin young. [15]
  • For soft lips, you may use it on dry chapped lips every night and leave it overnight.
  • It is suitable for after bath application. For better absorbance, apply it lukewarm.
  • You can mix this oil in your DIY facial scrubs.
  • You may use it in place of night cream after washing your face before going to bed.
  • This oil prevents progression of stretch marks and reduces itching.[16]
  • If you have brittle unhealthy nails or dry cuticles, sweet almond oil will help you to get healthy nails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this oil safe for baby skin?

Yes, this product is the best for application on baby’s skin.

Can it be used for oiling hair?

Yes, you may use this oil directly on your scalp and hair. Otherwise, mix it with a carrier oil of your choice. It helps to improve hair texture and brings shine to them.

Does it make skin looking fair?

You will see improvement in your skin using this oil. It helps keep skin clean, moisturized and healthy.

Is this oil useful for softening nails?

You may use this oil on nails. It will provide nourishment and makes your nails smooth and thick. Also, makes cuticles soft.

I have frizzy hair. Can it make my hair manageable?

Absolutely! This product works very well for frizzy hair. It makes hair soft and strong. Apply the oil in the night and wash your hair in the morning. You will start noticing the difference soon.

Is it an anti-aging product?

Owing to nourishing elements found in the oil, it might help fight premature aging signs such as dullness in skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Can I use for culinary purpose too?

Morpheme Remedies Sweet Almonds Cold Pressed oil is suitable for beauty purpose only. It should not be used for culinary purpose.


Customer Video Review

  1. Dayita

    This is a wonderful natural almond oil for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. It is part of my skin care routine.

  2. Meenakshi

    Premium quality sweet almond oil. It is a great natural moisturizer for my aging skin.

  3. Indrani

    It is quite difficult to find pure almond oil. After using this oil for a week, I can vouch for its purity.

  4. Babita

    A very good oil cleanser and moisturizer. There has been significant improvement in my skin after I started using this sweet almond oil.

  5. Krithika

    The perfect natural product for skin care. It helped make my skin smooth and firm.

  6. Ajitha

    This is pure premium quality sweet almond oil. Perfect for skin care.

  7. Eshika

    This sweet almond oil is of the finest quality. It works as a wonderful moisturizer.

  8. Devika

    This is pure sweet almond oil. It is of superior quality. I need a small amount to moisturize my skin. It’s wonderful.

  9. Hemlatha

    This is pure sweet almond oil. I apply a small amount tomy face every night. The texture of my skin has improved by using it.

  10. Baisakhi

    The almond oil is of excellent quality. I am using it for 3 weeks with excellent result.

  11. Prema

    The sweet almond oil has improved the texture of my skin, made it soft and glowing.

  12. Nileema

    This cold pressed sweet almond oil is the perfect natural oil for my skin. It helped in reducing skin dryness and enhanced the elasticity of the skin,

  13. Parul

    The sweet almond oil is great for my skin and hair. The quality of this oil is excellent. My skin and hair have become soft and smooth.

  14. Rati

    This is very good quality cold pressed almond oil. It keeps my skin smooth and soft.

  15. Kajal

    This pure almond oil perfectly suits my dry skin. It leaves it soft and nourished. I use it as a cleanser and moisturizer.

  16. Nidhi

    Sweet almond oil is good for my skin. It keeps it soft and elastic.

  17. Hema

    This sweet almond oil is good for the skin. It has made my skin soft and added a glow.

  18. Ruchira

    This is pure sweet almond oil. It is part of my nightly skin care. My skin has become soft and elastic by using it.

  19. Anshita

    Almond oil is good for my hair. It keeps the hair soft and dark.

  20. Devangi

    This is a top grade sweet almond oil. It is very good for skin care. Excellent cleanser and moisturizer. My skin feels soft. .

  21. Rajshri

    This is superior quality almond oil. It has helped in making my skin supple and smooth.

  22. Urmi

    I’m using this almond oil for two weeks. It is of the best quality. My skin feels soft and supple.

  23. Sudha

    I use almond oil as hair conditioner. It absorbs rapidly into the hair and keeps it conditioned and lustrous. Top grade oil.

  24. Mahima

    This almond oil is of premium quality. It is working wonders for my skin. I apply a small amount to me face every night. My skin feels supple.

  25. Pritika

    This is superior quality pure sweet almond oil. I could feel the difference after using it for a few days. My skin is now soft and glowing.

  26. Meenal

    This is good quality sweet almond oil. It keeps my hair smooth and silky and helped in reducing hair fall.

  27. Nalini

    Excellent quality almond oil. It suits my mature skin, leaves it soft and elastic. A wonderful natural moisturizer!

  28. Nirupama

    This sweet almond oil absorbs easily into the skin, and leaves it moisturized for a long time. This is pure oil, free from synthetic ingredients.

  29. Anusuya

    This is good quality sweet almond oil. It helped in softening my hair.

  30. Mandakini

    The cold pressed almond oil keeps my skin hydrated and soft. Just a small amount is sufficient for skin care.

  31. Jayita

    This cold pressed sweet almond oil does not contain impurities. It is pure and of very good quality. It added sheen to my hair.

  32. Ekta

    Sweet almond oil is really good for my dry tresses. It helps keep it soft and reduced hair fall.

  33. Gautami

    Cold pressed sweet almond oil suits my mature skin well. Regular nightly application is helping in improving the texture of my skin.

  34. Chetna

    Top grade almond oil. It suits my hair well. It keeps it soft and adds shine.

  35. Jyoti

    This is indeed pure sweet almond oil. I use it on my skin every night. It helps in keeping my skin supple and firm.

  36. Roshni

    This is good quality pure sweet almond oil. It is great for skin health…keeps my skin supple and firm.

  37. Anupama

    I use this almond oil daily before going to bed to keep my skin moisturized and soft. Good quality oil.

  38. Sharmistha

    Almond oil keeps my skin hydrated and adds a natural glow.

  39. Samita

    Pure almond oil is great for hair care. Hair stays soft and healthy.

  40. Richa

    I use almond oil on skin and hair. It absorbs well and works as a good skin moisturizer and hair conditioner.

  41. Dhanista

    I am using sweet almond oil for 2 weeks for skin care. It suits my dry skin. Keeps skin soft and hydrated.

  42. Trisha

    This almond oil is pure and of the best quality. It is good for both skin and hair care. I am using this for 2 weeks and satisfied with the result.

  43. Mira

    Sweet almond oil has made my skin soft, smooth and radiant. Excellent oil.

  44. Bhaviya

    My hair has become soft and healthy after using this almond oil. This is the best quality almond oil.

  45. Priti

    This is a light oil. Easily absorbs. Excellent moisturizer for the skin and hair.

  46. Kalyani

    The best quality sweet almond oil. I use this on my face. It works as a good carrier oil.

  47. Renuka

    Excellent oil. I use it on my face. Face feels soft and looks smooth and radiant.

  48. Natasha

    I really like this almond oil. It moisturizes both skin and hair. It is the most important ingredient in my dry skin face pack.

  49. Nitu

    Almond oil is good for my tresses. It keeps my skin moisturized and supple.

  50. Amisha

    Good moisturizing oil. It adds moisture to my skin. A trustworthy product.

  51. Roshni

    Excellent quality. I use it as conditioner after shampoo. Hair stays soft and minimizes tangles and frizzes.

  52. Arundhuti

    It is the quality of the almond oil that matters most. After using this oil I can vouch for its quality. It absorbs well and keeps the skin hydrated. I can feel the improvement in my skin.

  53. Sudha

    Cold pressed sweet almond oil is good for skin and hair. A small amount is sufficient for nourishing my skin and hair.

  54. Prabha

    This is pure almond oil. Very good for both skin and hair.

  55. Ajita

    Excellent quality almond oil. It helped reduce skin dryness and leaves the skin naturally soft and bright.

  56. Nandita

    This cold pressed sweet almond oil is a high quality product. It keeps the skin hydrated and nourished. I am using this for 2 weeks and impressed with the result.

  57. Vijaya

    Couldn’t find any fault with this almond oil. This is pure and of the best quality.

  58. Revati

    This sweet almond oil is of very good quality, Great for skin care. My skin feels soft and younger.

  59. Neelam

    This is pure sweet almond oil. Keeps my hair soft and conditioned.

  60. Mira

    Using this almond oil for a few weeks. It leaves my skin really soft.

  61. Namita

    I’m using almond oil as regular hair oil. It conditions hair and keeps it healthy.

  62. Veena

    This almond oil absorbs well. I need a small amount to keep my skin moist. It nourishes and leaves skin soft.

  63. Maneet

    The sweet almond oil keeps my skin and hair moisturized. An additive free product. This is pure almond oil.

  64. Ashita

    I use this as skin oil and carrier oil. It is good for the skin.

  65. Somya

    This cold-pressed almond oil works very well as carrier oil. It helps make the skin supple.

  66. Ansuya

    Excellent quality almond oil. Very good for skin care. My skin’s texture has improved, it is now soft and smooth.

  67. Ruma

    This is best quality almond oil. Has a natural nutty aroma. Keeps skin hydrated and healthy.

  68. Jasmit

    This is absolutely pure cold pressed sweet almond oil. It has given my skin the suppleness and glow that I was yearning for. Great product.

  69. Nalini

    When it comes to buying natural oil for hair/skin care, I always trust Morpheme Remedies. The almond oil of this brand that I’m using for quite some time is pure cold-pressed. The best you can ever find.

  70. Ujendra

    I’m using this sweet almond oil for a couple of days. It has the typical nutty smell. Works as good moisturizer/conditioner.

  71. Adila

    Cold pressed sweet almond oil is good for the hair. It keeps it smooth and silky. Works well as carrier oil.

  72. Sachika

    This sweet almond oil works as a wonderful moisturizer for my skin. A small amount is sufficient to keep skin hydrated.

  73. Rajanya

    Sweet almond oil is known for its moisturizing property. The quality of the oil is good.

  74. Varatam

    This sweet almond oil keeps my hair soft. It keeps scalp moisturized without making it greasy.

  75. Nilofer

    This pure sweet almond oil. Does not contain additives. Using it for moisturizing skin. Good product.

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Apply oil on tip of your fingers and rub it gently on the base of your hair enabling it to penetrate in to the roots of your hair. Leave it overnight or for few hours. Wash with your regular Shampoo or prefer a natural shampoo. Your Hair will look sensational and shiny.

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